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I am going to also leave negative comments for LInkshare.
I did get paid for some of my campaigns but the last banner campaign i ran was a 10c banner. It generated $900 in revenue and when the time came to pay up they said the Company advertiser was not paying them so unfortunately I would not be paid also.
I just recently logged onto acount that was their new look website and promptly was told I am no longer in Database as a publisher.
I sent an Email and this was the reply given to me.
Hi Steve,

Thank you for writing us.

I am sorry to learn that your username is not recognized. Upon investigating, our records indicate that your account has been terminated. Please reach out to our Network Quality team at [protected] regarding your account status and they will be the appropriate person to help you regarding termination.
NO REASON WHY THEY GAVE AND SAID I WAS TERMINATED after being with them for 3 years.
Very unprofessional approach and unscrupulous tactics.

Apr 29, 2017

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