They give this long presentation on how the system works and that it is free and that you only have to pay a one time membership fee of well mine was $97. You listen to the presentation very carefully. You see that it was seen on television on the main news shows so you feel it should be on the up and up. Well after you pay you fee and they let you in then you find out that in order for this program to be workable you have to spend another $197. Wow I knew then that I had been scammed but not until they took my $97. I took all the information down and I called them early this morning and was just getting the run around. I told them that they had 24-48 hours to refund my $97 and that I will be in touch with the BBB and my bank to bring fraud charges against the company. They said in the presentation that if not satisfied that a refund would be granted not questions asked. Well I am not 100% satisfied and I want my refund now.

Feb 04, 2015

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