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Linker4u / Never order from them

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Should never order anything that may be out of stock.

I ordered 4 items, 2 of them was out of stock at the time. I kept on waiting, hoping that it'll be in stock.
Only problem is, not only did the 2 items stay out of stock, the other 2 gone out of stock too.
During all that while, I contacted them a couple of times via the contact form, no response.

Once I found out that everything is gone (even from their list of items), I contacted them again, asking them to refund my money.

It's been over a week since, still no response.

Actually, they do "respond"... via that automatic reply saying they got the message. That's all you'll ever hear from them. I've sent them a message 4 or 5 times, and every time they just repeat what you send, never answering it.

When I paid with my card, the payee shows up as success-hk. also have the same payee, but at least they contacted me when there's an issue with the order (when they were checking my shipping address). The tranaction from was fine, but not linker4u. Linker4u will not respond. There is no other contact method, not by mail, not by phone, not by fax, nothing.

Good luck if you ever get trapped. It doesn't matter how much money you paid, or how many items. If any 1 item gets out of stock, you LOSE THE ENTIRE ORDER! It won't even reach the shipping step.

By the way, I've waited for OVER A YEAR! The status on the order is still "Received and to be Processing".

If you're willing to risk it, order items 1 at a time, wait til they deliver, then continue if you want more. You'll regret it if you don't.

Also, they don't update the site well. They just update the front part of the site with the newest items. Check it out. Register for an account, but don't buy anything. Go to the order tracking, and you'll see a 2007 calendar. The order tracking page, if you're not registered, will be a 2009 calendar! I'm wondering if they intentionally just updated only the front page to trap you.

I don't know if I can call this a scam. But maybe having another related site that actually ships as promised, but not shipping themselves, is a kind of a trick. Or maybe they won't send anything if the order is over $100 US, since they got enough out of you.

Don't judge whether ordering from a site is good, even if the payee is the same as another site that is good.

Maybe you'll be lucky if you order a single cheap "current" item that they can immediately send.


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