SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Administrative Charges

Im thankful that i have read this. I am also victim of this scam, His name is Brown Scott 55years old born on sept. 16, 1960 originally from florida he said. He just read my profile from a site it and he just email me directly in my emails and he said that there is something with me that caugth his eyes and started send me an email he is sweet and all his mail and the more days sending email he said he has something for me, a thing or gift because i brought joy and happiness to his life thats why he will send me a package an expensive thing like laptop, iphone, lsr camera, chocolate, bags, perfume and he said he fix money on the back of a laptop and its ten thousand one hundred dollars so that if he will visit me here i will make things settle before his arrival...but i found out it is all fake he give me a the tracking # and the link of company so that i can track the package he send to me, and i haved check it and i found some information from that tracking and started to believe it but when the package arrive here in my country someone text me she is GRACE LOPEZ this is the number [protected] she said ill call here and they email me alsothis is the email add ([protected] that i need to settle the Administrative charges before they will dispacth the package i started to wonder. And then i email BROWN SCOTT why do i need to pay for that said charges and nothing reply from him and i email also the company why i need o pay for fourteen thousand four hundred pesos. And he want me to barrow from my friend so that i can settle the administrative charges because the company has hold the package because of that charger but when i realize why do i need to pay that?for what reason? They just email me and said just settle the charges before we dispatch the package. So i started to think that this is a fake and i search all information in google to know that it is really true and i have read this article. And found out that it is a fake.. Thank you for this. I will attached some message from him. But atleast now i found out that BROWN SCOTT FROM PONTE VEDRA ST. JOHNS FLORIDA USA IS A FAKE..

Mar 06, 2016

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