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Linh Nguyen / Send to police of singapore. You are very bad

1 Ho Chi Minh city Singapore, Singapore
Contact information:
Phone: +841887627300

Came to singapore for a holiday on the 29 April 2015. I booked a hotel (Hotel 101) along Geylang Lor 12 as it was cheap. I was in the hotel since afternoon and decided to ask my friend out for a drink. After a drink with my friend at somerser Brozeit on the 2 May 2015. I took the Mass Rapid Transport and alighted at Aljunied MRT. So while I was walking alone along Geylang Lor 12. It was 11.23pm. A car stopped and these 4 guys came out and surrounded me. Well they presented their police cards which I don't even know if it was real. And then they started asking me ridiculous questions like if I worked here. I told him I booked a hotel just 200m away, instead of checking with the hotel stuff which he should have, he told me to follow him back to the station for an interview. This police officer is a liar. Why? He told me his officer was at the coffee shop and he observed I was drinking with an old man for some time. I already told him I was at sommerset earlier, and he actually lied AGAIN. He told me he had CCTVs around, and should he trust me or his officer? There were 4 of them, I was really afraid. I didn't want to follow them to the station but I was afraid so I followed them. They actually handcuffed me, but what wrong have I done? A female Vietnamese visiting Singapore, who chose to stay at a cheap hotel in Geylang is wrong?? I was treated like a criminal and held at the station till 3.30am. I was humiliated and insulted by them. This Chinese officer, he told me that all 'Vietnam girls come here to work and earn money, Vietnam money cheap, singapore expensive. Where got money to come here for holiday. You are working, don't lie'. I insisted I was not. Another Chinese officer asked which bar or pub in Singapore I was working at but no, I worked at club Lush in Vietnam. But they kept telling me not to lie no matter how many times I told them the truth. But these officers are the real liars;
1) he told me he texted my friend earlier, and found out I was paid $20 for drinking with him.
2) I was told 5 of my friends in Wechat has been contacted and admitted I worked in Singapore which obviously I did not. I told them it was not true, and the next thing surprised me. He told me 'so are you telling me the other 5 of my friends lied?' Seriously, who is the one lying?? They mentally stressed me out by putting me in the room and question me non stop for something I didn't even do. I shouldn't even be here in the first place!! I broke down. Then a female police came to me, she comforted me, and told me to be truthful, and just say YES to whatever the officer ask me and I will be released earlier. What is that supposed to mean?? I was taken to the station because this police officer refused to clarify with the pub at sommerset, or the hotel staff and now saying yes to whatever the officer wanted? Is this how the law in singapore is? There was nothing concrete but lies and accusations. Totally disappointed in Singapore, ranked 2 in the world for safety but what actually lies beneath are officers like the 4 who stopped me. I feel I was wrongfully accused and arrested, I shouldnt be treated in this manner, no woman in the world should be treated this way. This is discrimination, to top it up, discrimination by the police officers, discrimination by the force. I want something to be done. I had to report on the coming Monday, when I could be spending time doing other things better than at the police station. I want everybody to know the truth and what is actually going on here. I expect an explanation from them.

May 3, 2015

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