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Linens N Things / Fraud gift card!

1 W. Happy Valley Road, Phoenix, AZ, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 623-581-5266

On 12-31-07 a Linens N Things promotional flier was distributed inside the Arizona Republic. An ad in the flier stated a Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner was $549.99 with a 20% discount AND a $50.00 GIFT CARD. I went that very day to purchase this vacuum and was told they had none... nor did they have any prior to the ad. The other stores did not have any either. I would have to order it over the internet. The sales lady, Heather, was nice and helped me order it on the computer right in the store. I asked her how I get the Gift Card and she said once the vacuum was delivered to my house Linens N Things would send the Gift Card.

This was not true. I have contacted Linens N Things corporate office as well as the local retail store. Now I am told it's a rebate. I still have the original flier and it is clear it is a FREE GIFT CARD. There is no mention of having to apply or send anything away, such as with a rebate.

I was told last Tuesday, Jan. 15, that Chris (assistant manager) would mail a 'rebate' form to me. When I did not get that by Friday I called and spoke to the manager, Terry. Terry told me Chris had been unable to mail me the 'rebate' form but that Terry would mail be one. Now, since it is a 'rebate' rather than a gift card, Terry told me I have until Feb. 7th to have all the necessary paperwork sent in.

I will never do business with Linens N Things. I will be contacting the Arizona Attorney Generals Office on Monday.

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  • Ca
      19th of Jan, 2008

    I bought a Venetian Merlot from Linens N Things store & saved 20% by using code 26620000008..!!

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  • Ki
      19th of Jan, 2008

    Keep all your records of calls & contacts. It sounds like they'll delay sending you that paperwork so you dont reach the deadline. Which is a sneaky way of screwing you. In any correspondence you send make sure you send copies of that said flyer & the entire run down of contacts & their comments (make sure you date everything) Sooner or later if you dont give-up & this is what they are hoping for....they will give in! If you have to also report to them to the Better Business Bureauwhich can be done online & simple fill in & report.
    Tell them you will be gathering all information you just supplied them & Will be filing a complaint w/BBB But do this went you are talking to Corporate office management make sure they are aware you have of their name,ext.# & their suggestion/comment. & You will be posting a complaint of this message board for all to see & beware of store tactics.
    Hopefully this would be enough to get your gift card/ rebate you deserve! Hey they advertised did your part, they should stand behind their error and choke up the loss to keep their customers coming back, but today it seems customer satisfation doesn't exist anymore unless youre rude & as nasty as they are!
    I hope you prevail-good luck! by the way it's you enter store phone number/name they'll give you a list of offices to choose from.. its very easy!


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  • Je
      3rd of Mar, 2008

    I am experiencing the same problem with Linen n Things. I purchased a Dyson DC Animal vacuum cleaner online which was supposed to come with a $50 gift card to the store. We mailed the rebate form in and the original receipt as required. The form did not require that we send in the bar code from the box but they later rejected our claim saying it was required. I contacted the hotline and indicated that the rebate form did not require the bar code and since it was not originally required they cannot now require me to send it in. The person assisting me asked me to look for my copy of the receipt to get the bar code from that but I did not keep a copy of the receipt and I indicated to her that since it was not purchased in the store but online I was certain that it would not contain the bar code anyway. What is the point of the bar code if you order from them online then they should have a record of the bar code from the box when they ship the item. Still waiting for resolution but will report to BBB online if not resolved.

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  • Ni
      10th of Jul, 2008

    I work at a linens and things but this might be from before I worked there I do understand in our ads we do not always specify and I feel awful for the people that come in becauses the giftcards don't work. What you have to do is always ask the person at the register(that is my job) and we will tell you exactly what to do. I again apologize because of that but our managers are fed up with it too. In reality the mangers at your store were probably trying to help but sometimes the main offices are slow and unresponsive to the demands of our guests and to their employees.

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  • Ja
      30th of Jul, 2008
    Linens N Things - Coupon not accepted
    Linens n Things
    Palm Desert
    United States

    I was very surprised and disappointed that I had a coupon for purchases or $30 or more and I tried to make a purchase of $32 + with taxes and my coupon was rejected. My purchase without the taxes was $29.97 plus taxes and I was told it was 3 cents too little. The coupon state for purchases of $30 or more and didn't state anything about taxes. It appears that you are not interested in my business and I will be certain to bring it to the attention of the public and all those who I come in contact with, and will recommend your competitors Bed Bath and Beyond to all. In these difficult economic times, we must all be considerate and flexible to help deal with these trying times. You prefer to lose 30 dollars of business for 3 cents.

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  •   21st of Aug, 2008


    I work as a cashier for LNT, so I can understand your frustration with your coupon not being accepted.

    I agree that it is silly to lose $30 over $.03, but you have to understand that there has to be a limit.

    We do accept $29.99, and $29.98, but unfortunatly not $29.97. But the cashier can't do anything, the computer won't take the coupon.

    If they had accepted it, where do they draw the line? They'll give it to you, and the next person will have $29.96, and say the same thing, etc. etc.

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  • St
      10th of Oct, 2008

    i dont think this was their fault i think you read the ad worng and you should have asked for details . when their is arebate they give you a slip to mail in and if you would have read that you would have known

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  • St
      10th of Oct, 2008

    that is not lnts fault or the employees fault that is just the way the computer software works and their is nothing that they can do about that

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  • Bo
      18th of Nov, 2008
    Linens N Things - Charging me for something paid for by AMERICAN EXPRESS
    Linens N Things
    500 Shoppes at Strouds
    Stroudsburg PA 18360
    United States
    Phone: 570-476-9211

    On October 3, 2017 I received my Linens N Things credit card. I went to Linens N Things and picked out a giant cupcake pan - HERE'S THE PROBLEM.

    The cashier Krystal tried to ACTIVATE my card - this went on for 22 minutes. She got customer service on the phone and they kept saying swipe it again, swipe it again - THE CARD NEVER SHOWED UP ON THEIR COMPUTER.

    I had to get to work so Krystal said try to activate the card myself when I get to work.

    I paid for the Cupcake Pan on my American Express card. The receipt shows the transaction on my American Express receipt and I have my list of payments to the various people I used my American Express for. They paid Linens N Things.

    I went to work and tried to activate the card and their office said they have the transaction. I said how could you have the transaction because it never showed up on Linens N Things computer and I paid for it on my American Express card.

    I have send two certified return receipts and totally explained the situation but they are turning a deaf ear.

    My friend suggested that before they try to ruin my credit - just send them $25.43 and be done with it. So that means I gave in and paid TWICE.

    Originally I was going to buy a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer for $300.00 - I said to my friend do you think I would have sent them a double payment.

    They are paying no attention to me - because THEY ARE GOING OUT OF BUSINESS.

    Just because their computer in the store did not show up - I have to pay the piper twice for a mistake I did not commit. Why did they send me a credit card when they new they were going out of business.

    What can I do about this. Should I send them additional money and be done with it and suffer the loss and tell them to shove it where the sun don't shine?


    Bonnie Greenberg

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  • Le
      27th of Nov, 2008

    It is indeed its own little form of extortion. However - If you do not pay it, this will hurt YOU far more than it will hurt them. I agree completely, they shouldn't be doing this and they shouldn't be allowed to get away with it. But sometimes we have to decide how much (in actual dollar amounts!) our good credit is worth to us. $25 is a lot to hand over to a store for effectively nothing, but $25 is a small small price to pay for keeping one's credit good and clean.

    In todays world there is little you can do without a near-perfect credit record. You cannot rent apartments, buy real estate, buy a car to get to work, get any jobs that involve trust or handling larger sums of money, and much more. I have a friend who had a landlord situation some years back. The landlord had stated over $500 was due upon move-out for "cleaning fees" - this was AFTER the person had a professional company make the place spotless when he moved out. He refused to pay the fee. The landlord reported to credit agencies. The black mark on his credit record stayed for years. He was unable to do so many things during this time. All he had to do was pay the money and he would get his life back. But he continued to refuse on the principle of it.

    Now while I do commend him for sticking to principles, I think one needs to take into consideration just how much one is willing to PAY for maintaining a particular principle. In this case he paid many many many times over. He lost out on far more than the original $500 and he lost out on so much progress in so many things that he was completely unable to make during that time. For principle, yes, he did the right thing. For his own personal life though, I have to say I think he'd have been much better off to pay the money.

    In your case the dollar amount is only $25. For the damage that not paying this $25 can do to your life, I say absolutely pay it and be done with it. The losses you stand to incur are far greater than that $25 will ever be. You will not miss that $25 soon after paying it but you will miss your credit and freedom to do things for a much longer time if you do not.

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  • Pa
      28th of Nov, 2008

    Pay via Linens and things and then have American Express return your money to you - show Amex you paid via Linens and things.

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