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Lincoln Limousine / Services

1 New York, NY, United States Review updated:
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Phone: (800) 728-2838

I reserved a White Limo for my wedding( August 7, 2010) 2 months before the date. Someone from Lincoln Limousine company called me 10:30 a.m. August 7th THE DAY OF MY WEDDING and told me they did not have any white limos and that I had to take black LIMO INSTEAD. I informed them that the limo was for a wedding the day I reserved the limo and I told them I will not except a black limo. The driver arrived 15 minutes late with BLODD SHOT RED EYES as if he was high or drunk. As soon as we got in the limo he wanted to payment I then informed he will be paid at the end of service he then continued to laugh at every word I said as if he was at a comedy show. I told him that I reserved the limo For 2 hrs (2:30-4:30) the driver was to take me to the Church which is 20 minutes away from where I live, then the driver was suppose to wait until the ceremony finished and drive the Wedding party to the Reception which is 4 Blocks away from the chruch. He argued with me for 40 minutes saying he was suppose to leave once he get to the church. I called the company and they told him that I was right, which didn't even matter because he wasted almost an hour of my reserved time arguing. Once that situation was partially fixed he then started to drive us to the church. Once he realized we were drinking wine(which we bought), soda's and water(which was provided) he started to hit the breaks and jerk the car as much as could which resulted in drinks being spilled and some wine ended up on one of my Bridesmaid's dress. We got to Church where everyone had been waiting for over an hour, he opened to door and started to laugh again without anything being said to him. Becasue he took up 1 hour of my reserved time i DID NOT and a limo for ME AND MY WEDDING party to ride in to my reception.I paid $180 for an argument(which was uncalled for), drinks spilled on my Bridesmaids and I had to get into my guest cars to get to my reception. I WILL NEVER EVER USE THIS COMPANY AGAIN THE DRIVERS ARE TOTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL!!! PLEASE DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE PRICE OR HOW NICE THE EMPLOYEES SOUND ON THE PHONE!!!


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  • Qw
      10th of Dec, 2010
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    I also had a terrible experience with this company. I reserved a limo to meet my sister-in-law, her parents, and my 2 nieces (age 5 and 7) at the airport, to transport them to their hotel. The limo ride was going to be a XMas gift to my nieces, something I knew they would be excited about. It was also the first trip to NYC for my sister-in-law's parents. Unfortunately, the limo never showed. When my sister-in-law called them, they hung up on her twice; then argued with her; they said the limo broke down. TOTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL, DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!

  • Ng
      12th of Feb, 2013
    0 Votes

    I wished I have read these reviews prior to booking with them. They are very unprofessional; I had made 3 transactions with them via paypal 3 days in advanced of the trips for my clients and have received confirmations. The day prior to the trips, they called the clients instead of me to tell them that they need to pay an additional 50 dollars in order to be picked up since there is a snowstorm and they can only secure SUVs. My customers all called me scared and wanted to cancel the whole trip. My colleagues who used other car services did not have to deal with such problems and they scheduled their trips same time as me. This company basically used the excuse of a snowstorm to try and get more money--very deceitful. I end up calling them after I spoke to my clients, and they were very rude regarding this matter so I told them to just cancel all the trips and that it is not right to ask for more money. The guy says he want to charge me a cancellation fee even though they were the ones making changes to my reservations and screwing up my plans. He also hung up on me after I read to him their company agreement policy which does not allow him to charge me if I cancel over 3 hours prior to the trip. LINCOLN LIMOUSINE IS VERY UNPROFESSIONAL AND DECEITFUL - NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY.

  • Ma
      16th of Jan, 2014
    0 Votes

    I wish I had done the same I reserve on line a minivan to go from airport to hotel 50.00 dollas they show up in a different car which now they did charge my credit card for the price of that car because the minivan was not available so they charge more money since a had paid in advance they just discount in my credit card plus they put a 20% tip in advance plus tax the driver sean lost all the time just bad service and not professional and not honoring the price they give on line

  • Mk
      4th of Apr, 2014
    0 Votes

    I booked online from Australia a transfer from JFK into Manhattan. Never being to NY before I decide to book a transfer to keep things simple. WRONG.. I was asked to call the office when my plane arrived. I could not get my mobile to call international calls, I could only send texts, I asked the airport 'transfer desk' if they could call for me but Lincoln Limo was not on their call list. She could not help me and directed me to a telephone for transfers, Lincoln was not listed on this either. I looked for some one with my name on a board both inside near luggage collection and as I walked out of departures. 45mins later I still could not find them. So I finally caught a yellow cab into the city.
    Only to get back to Australia, home, 10 days later to see they have debited my credit card for the transfer which did not happy ... not through my doing I was at the airport waiting to find a representative from Lincoln Limo's. Catch a cab they are right outside, easier and cheaper !

  • Sa
      28th of Jun, 2014
    0 Votes

    Booked a private car to collect us at JFK on the 7th of June this year when we were flying in from London, Heathrow. The woman taking the reservation couldn't be nicer and I got email confirmation. On arrival we did not see our names so I called the company. They explained the car had "broken down" and asked that I call THEM back in 10 minutes to see if they could sort something out; NOT they would call me back... I called back after 15 minutes and was told, "Sorry, we can't sort something out. You'll have to get a taxi." That was it. What?!??!? Fortunately we were able to book a shuttle at the airport.

  • Ne
      18th of Apr, 2016
    +1 Votes

    I had a terrible service with them too and I feel obliged to share the experience. I would most definitely not recommend using this car service and I genuinely feel the service received by the office was some of the rudest service I have ever received. In particular with Wendy, who I was told to be the Manager, and that no one was more senior than her to talk to constructively with. And having read many other reviews online now - my poor experience is most defiantly not the first!

    The issues I faced for booking my friends a 'surprise welcome' on arrival to NYC for their first visit was shocking. Firstly I was told that the car would only wait 45mins -1hr after they landed before driving off (which I understand and think is fair enough) however after calling to speed my friends through baggage to meet their car they found that the driver was not present as expected. I called the service number on the booking to check on where the car was, and was told he was nearby and stuck in traffic. 15 mins went by and I called again to be told the driver was parking up.

    A total of 45 mins went by with my friends waiting at the exit before and 3 separate calls to the office, I spoke to the driver personally on the phone who told me he was just finding a space at the terminal. Despite providing the flight number, the flight times, AND the terminal to pick them up from he got the wrong terminal. After 50 mins the driver met my friends and took them to the Limo (a service I had to pay an additional $22 for). I had order a stretched limo - which was good and clean and the driver was apparently fine and welcoming to my friends so this isn't a reflection on him by any means.

    As part of the booking I had pre-paid for 4 chilled bottles of Budweiser ($22 total) to be in the car for them - this was not present. The driver told my friends he would try and stop off somewhere for them to buy some beers but he couldn't find a shop that sold beer so he got them a couple of bottles of water.

    I wrote an email to the company asking for the manager to contact me back to discuss the service and 2 weeks passed with no response. I have just called them and was firstly told that they did not know who to believe - me or the driver and that the driver was there on time and the customer was happy. I reminded her of the situation (to which she remembered as I had called 3 times on the day) and was told that even if the driver was 4 hours late she would not refund the $22 service for him to come into the airport and meet my friends.

    She eventually agreed to refund me the cost for the beer after being very argumentative to me explaining that the CUSTOMER was happy with the service and that they hadn’t complained. She refused to accept that I was the customer given that I booked any paid for the service and that my friends didn't expect any beer OR for a driver or car to meet them in the airport as this was a surprise.

    All in all a really shocking and surprising experience with this company, one I will most defiantly not be using again, and one I will ensure my company does not to any future business with.

  • Sk
      28th of Aug, 2016
    0 Votes

    I wish I had read these reviews before booking them. Again we got a very ill mannered driver who dropped us right on the road and not in front of the hotel and we had to drag our bags to the entrance of the hotel in busy Times Square. Totally unprofessional company which should be boycotted

  • An
      29th of Jul, 2017
    0 Votes

    I booked with this company to pick up my family from JFK and was given a price of $440 return so I rang back later to book and was told it was nearly $600. So I booked it then cancelled no more than an hour later because I read some of these reviews and realized they may try to charge even more . The woman got nasty with me when I cancelled and threatened to charge me a cancellation fee, then said on this ocassion she wouldn't. This was nearly three weeks ago . Today the 28th July they rang me and played stupid asking if the pick up time to take my family back to the airport was 6:15. My daughter told them I had cancelled both the pick up and return journey over two weeks ago. When the women she was speaking to realized that we weren't going to use them for the return journey to the airport she put some guy on the phone who threatened my daughter, and said they were charging a cancellation fee as I hadnt cancelled. When I checked my credit card bill, I realized they had indeed charged me $50. Now I have the hassle of disputing it and cancelling my card. Nasty vicious group of people. Please dont use them.

  • Bj
      11th of Dec, 2018
    0 Votes

    They did not show up as agreed on airport yesterday and this is what I wrote. I am peparing to drag them to court

    The case is very Clear:
    1) We had absolutely well defined agreement on where I should be picked up
    2) I have witnesses that no one showed up in either arrival section or in baggage claim area according to agreement
    3) e-mail Message Notification was never in the agreement of the purchase and you could not expect a customer to be online in baggage hall

    As per this you driver did not show up according to agreement

    cite end

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