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A bait and switch and deceit from the office and the driver led to the $40 advertised flat rate ballooning into a $96.60 final bill.

We were two adults and two children with four small to average bags, but the reservations clerk said we would not fit in a luxury sedan or a six-passenger van, so she insisted we order an SUV at a flat rate of $65, plus 20 percent gratuity, for a total expected charge of $78.

When the driver took our credit card, he charged us $96.60. We asked for a breakdown of charges, and he told us to sign first, then he would give us the breakdown. We refused. He called the office and told the reservations clerk that he had "accidentally" charged us too much. When he hung up, he told us that the office would refund $6 to our credit card "immediately." We had a flight to catch, so we did not argue further.

When we returned home, I called the company to clarify the charges. The reservations clerk told me that there was a fuel charge added to the "flat rate" plus tip, so our total should have been $90.30. I asked when I would see the $6.30 refund on my credit card, and she told me that the driver had given me that amount back in cash. I told her he had not, so she got him on the phone to verify. He seemed not to know he was supposed to have given us the cash, so the reservations clerk said she would credit it immediately, and it would show up in a few days. That was July 5; today is July 18, and still no credit.

So that great "we beat all the others" $40 flat rate is actually $96.60, with required larger vehicle (we fit in a mid-size sedan at home just fine, but not their luxury sedan!), automatic 20% tip, surprise fuel charge and additional $6.30 pocketed by the driver and never refunded by the company.

Jul 18, 2016

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