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Limo Service / Bait and Switch

1 FL, United States

I will put it to you like this. I can not tell you how I know this but this is how it works. The guy you spoke with "Steve" this is the name that you ask for when you are going to complain. This way when you call and ask for Steve they know it is a complaint. His real name is Heath. If you call back and ask for him you will get the same person. So if you downloaded one of the credit card apps over the net and signed it and sent it back that holds you to the limo. Look at the details on it. And they will just hope that you will just give up on fighting. Arnaldo who is the owner has a lawyer that deals with this on a regular basis. So lets say you ordered one of the Chry 300 with the lambo doors at 85 per hour. What happens is they will take these orders for these limos all day long and spread them all out on the floor and pick who gets what. You may end up with a regular 300 with out the lambo doors at the same price. Or just a regular town car limo. If the driver knows that he has showed up with the wrong vehicle what he will get you to do first is goto the door and get in imprint of your credit card with your signature that has NO numbers on it and he will tell you that he will fill it out at the end of the night. He also will get you to sign a paper stating in the details that in case the original limo that you ordered is not available then a substitute limo will be sent. You will then say hey I was supposed to get the limo with the lambo doors. He will say any number of excuses like well that limo broke down or that limo is running late and when we get you to your destination he will bring the vehicle to me. This almost NEVER HAPPENS. So if you complain do the limo driver he will tell you that you have to call the office and speak with "STEVE" AKA Heath. Where he will tell you that the forum that you have signed states that they could sub your limo for another one. And if the driver did not have you sign this and you complain. Arnaldo will take that from the drivers pay. So the driver WILL HAVE YOU SIGN THIS.

Here is another example of what happens. When it comes time for prom or homecoming. They will say that there is a minimum of 8 hour rental. So you rent your limo for that time and the driver picks up your kids lets say at 6pm. He will then take your kids to the prom and drop them off at around 7pm. Now remember you paid for 8 hours from 125 per hour to 175 per hour. He will then tell the kids if they are going to leave early to give him a call. So he knows that he has a couple hours. He will then leave and take all the belongings that are left in the limo from your kids and bring them all up front and do a quick clean up. Then pick up a second set of kids at 7:30 m for their prom and bring them to the same prom or different one. They call this DOUBLE DIPPING. :). Ok now if he picks up the first set of kids and has them in the limo and the other set of kids call he will just say I had a problem with the limo and I will be there shortly while he scrams to try to get rid of the first set of kids. Or he will have another driver that is not DOUBLE DIPPING try to pick up the second set and say yeah the other driver had a problem. So you can see how this could cause problems. This happens ALL THE TIME during the season. So they are making not 125 per hour on that limo but 250.00. And the driver making 35.00 per hour driving the H2 will be now making 65.00 per hour for the 8 hours. So you can imagine of some of the kids wanted to say in the limo for the prom. And as far as a bottle of champaign? This is not a common practice. Limo drivers are really not allowed to place liquor in a limo for you unless they have a liquor license which none of them have. They will use real liquor for special clients they keep using. So they will place a 4.99 bottle of Andre or whatever is available if he can get to it before the job. This is usually done at weddings.

Well I hope this helps explain what is going on and give you a heads up when placing a call to them next time.

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