Limitless Crypto Asset Managementdidn't match my criteria

I've read the reasons why I should choose this fund and they haven't convinced me at all.
Because I, unlike the others, pay attention to different things and if they seem to be suspicious I don't even consider this company.
There are some criteria for consideration.
The first one: contacts. Phone numbers, addresses, emails. In most cases, it's limited to an online form and Limitless Crypto Asset Management is not an exception. Is it bad? Of course, it is. They had to provide an exact location at least.
The second one: team. Who stands behind the company? What exactly they do? What's their experience? Any examples?
Limitless Crypto Asset Management doesn't share this information with us. That's bad too.
The third one: processes description. Principles, ideas, strategies, philosophies and stuff like this don't exist on this website.
It only means that no matter what they say, but if you don't see anything useful, you better stay away.

Dec 10, 2018

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