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Limited Too Fake Returns / Returns

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I recently bought a skirt/shirt/and hat from Limited Too for my daughter. The cashier asked for my telephone, birthday, and when she started to ask for my address, i refused to tell her; since i had no idea why she needed my information. After that, she stopped asking questions and went on with checking out my stuff and explaining why she needed the information.

When i got home, i took the shirt out and tried it on my daughter. Somehow it seemed to look tighter, and my daughter didnt like it. I put the shirt back in and planned to return the whole set; never touching the reciept or cutting the tag in the proccess. A couple days later i went back to Limited Too with the reciept and clothes+tags.
Here is where the trouble starts.

When i tried to return it, the cashier said that someone had already returned THE EXACT SAME SET and it is already in their system, so they arent able to give the money back. I was extremely furious, telling them over and over that i just bought the set, i have the reciept IN HAND and never returned it . They said that the EXACT same set AND same reciept had already been given the money back and returned. I thought that it was impossible, because i am the only one that could have the reciept; so i asked if they had kept track of who returned it. They printed me the log that they kept track of. It was someone else that had returned it!

The wierd part was when i called the person that "supposedly" returned the SAME set and SAME reciept number, it said that the number was unavailable. Is this fake return so i cant get my money back? What is the deal? Is it the cashier's fault? System's fault? or Limited Too's?

Just trying to let people know to be careful when you buy from Limited Too.

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  • Bi
      7th of Sep, 2009
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    Well this is a first, someone who has a legitimate complaint - a rarity 'round these parts.

    If what you're saying is true, then it sounds like the cashier is doing fraudulent returns & pocketing the money. If you speak to the manager (calmly; and without any sort of accusatory tone of voice) and they won't do anything, and you spent a significant amount of money, this is one of the rare occasions I would recommend going to corporate with your concerns. You have the original reciept, and all of the orginal tags still attached to the clothing, so unless Limited Too has a really effed up return policy, there shouldn't be any reason for you not to be able to return the clothes.

  • Li
      10th of Sep, 2009
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    Well i spoke to the manager calmly at first, saying clearly that i wasnt the one who returned it. She kept saying that since the clothes was already on the system, she couldnt do anything about it. I was calm until the 4th time she said this after every other explanations i could give. I also think the cashier in the begginning had something to do with it.

    Either that cashier or the manager who gave me false information to someone who "supposedly" had my SAME set and SAME reciept number. Still, the first cashier couldave just returned the clothes with false information, since i didnt give my OWN information.

    Well, i threw away my reciept away, since there was nothing i couldave done that doesnt include lawyers, and now its over. I am just going to let it go; losing alot of money in the process.
    Anyway, i was just trying to get mystory accross. I dont think ill ever shop at limited too again. BE CAREFUL WHEN SHOPPING
    Feel free to comment, im curious of what people think.

  • Sa
      7th of Nov, 2010
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    that is extremely odd, it really does seem like a fraudulent return, working for the company for over two years, the only two things that should have been asked from you upon making a PURCHASE were your home phone number and your daughter's birthday...if she asked anything extra it means she was using that information to use with her "cash refund" that she falsified for herself after you left...the stupid thing about it is, that her store manager should have recognized that the moment you told her that she had asked for your address, and called the SWAT line (someone's watching at tween)...we've terminated thousands of employees for falsifying returns to get a little extra cash, and you witnessed it firsthand.

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