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Limited Medical Insurance / Warning consumers

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Don't go for these shameless discount clubs that are trying to pass themselves off as Limited Medical Policy providers. You are throwing your money away and get very little for what you pay for. If you can take a generic form of your prescriptions, have you doctor write it and go to Walmart and get a 90 day supply for $10.00. I paid Cinergy Health, Inc. $2410.00 over 10 months to be a part of their so called prescription party. It is no wonder that our system is broken. Cinergy Health, Inc. actually did me favor by representing the Consumer Driven Benefit Association of America as their "Agents." They taught me exactly what a Limited Medical Policy really is...ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AT ALL ! For slightly more per month than I was paying Cinergy Health, Inc. as Agents for the F rated Consumer Driven Benefit Association of America, I have obtained REAL MEDICAL INSURANCE. I guess that the old saying is true, "You get what you pay for". As far as this consumer is concerned, with Cinergy Health, Inc. you don't even get that. Shorty after they gave all of our money to this shameless company they abruptly canceled policies. I have been waiting 10 days now for a refund of over $300.00 and I had to spend an additional $354.00 to start my medical insurance so that it would be active by March 01, 2010 leaving me with only two week without any kind of coverage. When I confronted this matter to Cinergy Health's Customer Service Dept., it was the most comical, unprofessional, blatantly shameless Customer Service meltdown that I have every been exposed to in my many years of conducting business. I was left speechless and was left to take action on my own or be left with an extreme gap in coverage.

If you live in the State of California and feel that Cinergy Health, Inc. and Consumer Driven Benefit Association of America misrepresented themselves, please contact the Insurance Commissioner at www.Insurance.CA.Gov

It is nice and comforting to know that Cinergy Health, Inc. still cares about its once "preferred 1000 members". In the letter that they sent me canceling any and all coverage that I had they informed me, " However, you should also consider alternative insurance options that may be available to you in your area to secure adequate medical coverage. The key words here are, "INSURANCE" & "MEDICAL COVERAGE". Neither of which Cinergy Health, Inc. can provide.


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