Lime Media Design / Terrible service

1 United Kingdom

I bought a website from 'lime media design' over a year ago now, A busy minded sales 'women' approached me promising the earth, changes any time and that everything would be taken care of. They further promised me a 'high ranking' on google, which of course failed to transpire.

It's not all sour grapes though, intially before me completing my purchase the company and there 'design gurus' were ringing me attempting to get information for the website, at first I was amazed at the service. I quickly however found out once all was said and done the company wouldnt pick up my emails or telephone messages leaving me stranded on a empty island.

I have cancelled my service with the company and would express huge concern for any punters wishing to use them in the future, unlike me, please, please do research the ins and outs of this so called 'leading company'

Mar 31, 2014

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