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This bridal shop asked me what size I wore. I gave them my size when the dress came back it did not fit. Then the bridal shop tried to blame me for not giving them measurements when they never asked for them. They are so backwards!!! If they asked me for measurements I would have given them measurements. Now they wont exchange my dress because of their policy. Well my policy is that you ask for what you need.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Chicago, ILIf call yourself a professional bridal shop you should ask for what you need in order to make sure the dresses will fit. There is no way that any of our dresses should have been orderd by size if they asked for measurements. On top of that, the bridal shop told me the dresses run two sizes too small AFTER THEY WOULD NOT DO THE EXCHANGE!!! This is important information that needed to be said before the dresses were ordered. Their customer service sucks. They dont know what their doing.


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