Lightning Motorcycle Training / Failing to Refund In Full for a Cancelled Booking

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My complaint is that the trader failed to refund in full the amount paid when I cancelled the engaged service even though I cancelled within 24hrs of the booking for a service that was not scheduled to be delivered for at least another 45 days after the booking.

On the 6-Jul-2016, using the internet, I booked a course offered on the website which cost £169.99 including the provision of a Theory Test PC DVD which was not optional. The course was scheduled for 20-Aug-2016.
After reconsidering the need to take the course I cancelled the booking by sending an email within 24 hours as well as ringing the office to ensure that the cancellation had been received. However the acknowledgement I received stated that "The normal procedure is the accountants send a cheque at the end of the month less the £50 admin charge." and justified this by saying it was part of their Ts&Cs, which up to that point I had not read or been made fully aware of.
I contacted the office by phone and asked to speak with the owner but on every occasion the owner was unavailable. I requested that the owner at least enter into an email dialogue. No response.
On the 22-Jul-2016 I sent a complete explanation of what I believed were my rights as a consumer to Mr William Rodwell (Owner of Lightning Motorcycle Training) and again the response from the administrator was that "The refunds are processed in keeping with our terms and conditions, are subject to a £50 administration charge and are sent out as a cheque at the end of each month." and "This is our normal procedure and your request for a refund will be dealt with in the normal fashion, as has been our practice for the past 16 years."
On 2-Aug-2016 I have received an email notice showing a refund of £105 with no explanation and worded the same as though I was still attending the course.
There has been no attempt by the trader to treat my request in a reasonable manner or even in accordance with the UK Consumer Rights regulations.

Aug 02, 2016

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