Lightbulb Capital / always be careful even if it seems there's nothing wrong

United States
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Lightbulb Capital is active. It's the first question I always ask if I want to know something about firms like this. Is this still active? Is it worth wasting time looking through their website?
I can't say they did everything right when creating their website. It doesn't look well-structured, even though it's not a disaster.
The team is small. It is really small. Three managers and three members of the advisory board. People who probably see them not that often.
I like their bios. Nice. Nothing to complain about.
The insights. It would be nice to keep updating them.
But the main question that's important for almost everyone is how suspicious are they?
Not really. I don't think they are total scammers. But there are some little details that seem to be wrong, that's why I want you to be always careful and if you decide to deal with them, then check all information twice or more times and always stay vigilant.
PS By the way these guys didn't mention where they were from. So if you want, it is one more strange details.

Feb 12, 2019

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