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For the past few years, I could count on a rediculous laugh or two before starting my work day each week thanks to Lifetime and The Nanny. That show was Lucy with a modern twist. Lifetime has attempted several different shows in that early morning (6:00-7:00 ET) slot since removing The Nanny. They first replaced the show with Desperate Housewives, of all things! Who wants to see that stuff early in the morning?!?!? I must not be alone, because DH didn't last long. After a couple of other mistaken replacements, the best they can come up with is The Golden Girls - great show, but that makes FOUR consecutive episodes of Golden Girls (6:00-8:00) for any homebound regular Lifetime viewers. Good luck attempting to contact Lifetime Channels to make programming suggestions. They don't want to hear from those watching the channel. If you're not an advertiser, there is no way to contact Lifetime. However, just in case they pay attention to this message board...BRING BACK THE NANNY, LIFETIME! It is nonsensical, silly comedy. But I find laughter to be the best form of stress management - and the perfect way to begin a stress-filled day.

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