Lifetime Eye Health / Unprofessional Behavior

Contact information:
Phone: 256-435-9453

I had sent Dr. Bonds an email regarding a bill I had received for $100.00. In the email I stated that the receptionist had told me on my last visit that I did not owe anything else after I paid that day, she even verified this by calling my insurance company while I was standing there. I also went on to say that I was on a budget and didn't like surprise bills in the mail and I would not return as a customer. Dr. Bonds called me at my job at 8:15 in the morning with a very harsh tone and stated that he did not appreciate my nasty email and that he had called my insurance company and they said that I had reached my maximum when I went to another eye doctor for my frames. He made it sound like I was trying to be underhanded. I told him that I did not know that and would pay the $100.00. He said that he would refer me to another doctor - I just hung up on him. I was so angry. I feel like it was very unprofessional of him to call me at work especially since he had my cell phone number and home number. I am a very honest person and would never do anything underhanded as he implied in his conversation with me. I feel my charactor was attacked and I would not recommend anyone going to him. He obviously has issues and needs a lesson on good work ethics. I also told some friends of mine that were patients of his and they said they would no longer go there either. My husband was going to see him and after that incident has decided to go somewhere else. I guess I'm just mad because I feel he has attacked my good character and I pride myself on being a good moral person. Anyway I would not recommend anyone going to him.

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