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What a tremendous paradigm LifePath Unlimited's compensation structure is! An ingenious and pioneering marvel that rivals all of the other multi-level affiliate marketing earnings patterns that I've ever seen! My hat's of to them! In that respect anyway.

However, LPU's overly extreme conditional arbitrary full money back guarantee became apparent to me only after the products mediocre value became obvious and their reasons (with data) for denying my refund were examined. As far as their policy is being a full and fair disclosure it also is really an overwhelming and arbitrary disclosure. It's something they put into place to deter dis-earnest performance, but in reality it binds their customers to elongated tasks with the least possibilities of any refund in a very complicated manner.

The full money back refund guarantee is one of their most used sales pitches. But so complicated they had made the terms and conditions that many of their customers that had been denied their refund could not or would not take up such an insurmountable task of challenging the giant LPU for their rightful refund. (Possible incumbents are the other incensed customers that I've found during my Internet researches.)

Especially after LPU took their customers money then in turn bound them to specific performance of the laborious tasks that they prescribe in their course. All too after the simultaneous (sort to speak of) performance of the myriads business assignments prescribed by the customer/associates upline and LPU's business websites. Who would want to take up the extra arduous task of calling giant LPU on their improprieties? The majority of us are not lawyers. The majority of us can't afford an attorney that would want to work on this small amount of money damages.

Certainly that is an advantage for LPU, but a big disadvantage for their "customers." LPU left its' customers' few avenues for restitution and far too complex for the average layperson. And their policy actually states in that the courses refund terms and conditions are "simple". Evidently it is not, but it does make it more simple for them to retain their dissatisfied earnest customers monies. But certainly not simple for the earnest customer to get a full money back refund as the purport.

Befuddled refund requesters that were unable to elaborately substantiate their claims had left LPU free and clear to retain all monies, and to continue and persist as status quo. Well maybe that clarity is just starting to get misty, cloudy and even a bit shady. Why do I say so? Because I see that the numbers are beginning to show themselves. But I can only describe my experience with LPU and heretofore any readers must formulate their own thoughts and conclusions.

LPU actually does have an online web page referring to their terms and conditions. During my initial joining with LPU and my purchasing their 56 Days of Discovery course I barely more than glanced at that lengthy policy. I also was putting much faith in my recruiters' presentations; LPU's webinars and website information, LPU's having a unique method of a very high earnings potential, plus their pioneered unique products, their solid business development and their (short) history of undisputed integrity and their full money back refund guarantee. In addition there was a lack of much adverse web information amongst and against the myriads of supportive testimonies by well paid satisfied associates.

At the point of purchase and also at the point of package receipt, still even then, their policy could not had possibly provided me with enough information to foretell the upcoming computer 1) glitch, 2) the improper evaluation methods, and 3) the conflicts between 3a) policy, versus, 3b) automated system, versus, 3c) operations. That all had eventually unfolded during my course experience and mostly after its completion.

Only after my completion of the course and in combination with the results of their refund refusal, did I then obtain enough information to more fully determine these flaws. And let me point out, without any inquiry, support, nor cooperation from them. So I had sought and employed external avenues at my disposal, i.e. regulatory agencies and websites just like this one While I prefer not to exercise extremities, I do take actions as I find it necessary and as I am prompted too.

And also, at the point of purchase I could not see ahead that LPU's self-development product wouldn't be satisfactory to me and not worth it's price. And even after completing the course honestly, earnestly and beyond earnestly, I could not see uniqueness of the 56 day course that separated it from what is readily available in the self-development market at more realistic prices.

And I am very well familiar with the self-development/improvement industry as I started learning and applying methods in the early 70's. Which means almost 40 years. And for about that same amount of time, I've been well exposed to multilevel affiliate marketing and also pyramid schemes, beginning with Rena-Ware, Amway, and Kirby Vacuum Cleaners.

When I was encouraged to buy the 56 days course for business purposes the hype of LPU's unique compensation structure sort of blinded me to the true nature and value of the course. And it's purpose as a filler, for those of you that understand what I mean. Henceforth, at the end of the course I decided I could not sell a mediocre product at such an astronomically inflated price just for the sake of making large sums of money off of a very exploitable, unsuspecting, defenseless, and desperate global customer base resulting from the current world economy crisis.

The 56 Days of Discovery course I found to be a somewhat coherent, but slipshod compilation of excerpts of mostly non-renowned self-development gurus. Due to the time constraints and the heavy production problems imposed on the curator of the course, it very much seemed to me that he was coerced into this, or should I say challenged with a unreasonably difficult assignment. He described his experience very dramatically and in detail and was seemed very relieved from after being oppressed by it and finally over and done with it. I applaud him for a most heroic act.

But hey, there are so many us financially deprived individuals out here that many are more than willing to make a lot of money without any due preparation, adequate clarity of conscience or enough experience & knowledge to truly evaluate this product's features compared to whatever else is available out there. It's more or less all about "Show me the money!"

Many of us aren't professionals and that makes us, as I mentioned, defenseless and very exploitable. Caveat Emptor! Cool, it strongly seems that the greed which was on the higher echelons that caused the global economic meltdown is now well poised on the lower echelons to cause another catastrophic meltdown.

LPU's has developed such a goliath earnings machine within their midst and are employing it in such manner to an unsuspecting volatile market that it may very well likely take many years before they become saturated or desist. They have even been promoting their business emphatically from this angle too! Isn't that gaudy?

So that means currently LPU and associates have got a lot of time on their hands to fatten the hog and feed the every day Hansels & Gretels before demand goes belly up and ebbs on their products. But woe to those who join them during those waning stages. Those late-comers will be the very ones to bare the full weight of the gargantuan profits paid towards the uplines. While there should be quite a number of them to lessen the load, there too will also be those way up there and high on the hog that replicate the bankers and wall street executives.

Does this picture begin to look any familiar or have any strange resemblances? That which was once on the macro scale is now on the micro? Also does defecate roll down hill or not? LPU is not the only entity to exploit these niches, but sacre' bleu how do they do it on the grandest scale!

Why do I think of the Pied Piper here? And I thought I just heard a little boy shouting "But the king has no clothes on!" Anyhow, I am still very distraught and in the mediation process to obtain my refund so I'll spare any of you readers my burdens regarding the details, technicalities and my utter dismay.


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