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D Nov 27, 2017

I called on Black Friday ( November 24th) to upgrade both our lines, and was told that we would be eligible for upgrades on both our lines.

We were told that one of the lines was eligible for the iPhone 7 128G for $0 (Ref # B31676), and one of the lines for the iPhone Plus 128 for $79 (Ref 31673). so we processed the upgrade and ordered the devices that were supposed to be delivered.

I was advised that I would received an email confirming the plan upgrade on Friday. I never received the email, and when I called to find out the status, I was advised that the Upgrade Quote was good for 7 days, but the Black Friday prices would not be honored.

I spoke to loyalty, who told me that the best they could do was to purchase the devices at the price today, , and they would credit back my account the difference. I didn't want to have to pay $179 + $379, so I declined and was transferred to retention.

Retention told me that I could purchase the phones, and then fill in the Price Guarantee that was in effect until November 28th. I have lost confidence that after I purchase the phones, that there will not be another glitch in the system.

I placed the order in good faith with Bell, the order was supposedly processed, and should not have to go through the issues that I have just to get what is now a 2 generation old phone. I request that the phone record of my call with the agent at around 2 pm from [protected] be called up, verify that the agent made the error, and send me my phones at the price confirmed.

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