Life Management Center / False advertisement and HORRIBLE work ethics

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After working my ### of day after day in all weather conditions for about a week...peddling their product...eating maybe once while walking around for 6-8 hours...YES WALKING AND PEDDLING!! I didn't make a penny...I was given false promises and anytime a question was asked about how we got paid, they'd act like you just asked them to buy you a car...they WILL NOT give you direct answers and Mike will call you all sorts of names if you ask a question that he doesn't like or want to answer...they talk ### about everyone who decides the job isn't for them...after all, isn't it that person's RIGHT to choose? I even overheard one person confront Eva about both her and Mike being late all of the time (they ALWAYS stress be on on time...get motivated!!) How are we supposed to stay motivated when we're left sitting outside in the cold wind waiting their lazy ### to show up AN HOUR AND A HALF LATE?! Her response to this...her words exactly were..."I can do whatever the ### I want, 'cause this is my business!"...yeah way to run a business...this place is so unprofessional and can give it a shot if you're willing to take all the ### and are great with sales...personally I sucked at it and knew it wasn't right for me...I have never written a complaint about a company, but this place deserved it because of the way they mistreated so many people.

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  • Wo
      Nov 30, 2010

    I would like to know what this compan sales.Im under the impression that if hired you in an office from 8:30/6:00pm.Dont know what to exspect please tell me.

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