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This is a scam job! They have moved from state to state changing the name of the business. They say they are recuiting for every position from sales to receptionist. But all it is door to door sales and you dont even get good commission. When I walked into the office, I noticed they did not even have computers or any office equipment yet the posting for the job said you would have to fax, make copies, etc. BEWARE!!!

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  • Wi
      6th of May, 2010

    The job is awesome so when you quit two days into trainig for the job you never did any work related to the job you applied for. They would of trained you to understand. All areas of the business in 5-8 weeks starting with mktg then training other onto management from there you learn administration to open and run an office or assist at an office like the other seven they do actually have from working hard to train people willing to have. A great attitude work hard being trainable as well as dependable. All of this was explained to you in two different interviews in which you took notes before having a chance to answer questions. They only make money when you succeed and charge you nothing everso it looks like you are not ready to work in a career so maybe a job could work for short term money. Good luck to you sorry things didn't work out for you...

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  • Sh
      25th of Jul, 2010

    someone please tell me about ur experiences with this place!

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  • Ba
      26th of Oct, 2010

    I agree...I felt the same way the first day, but decided to give it a shot. After working my [censor] of day after day in all weather conditions...peddling their product...eating maybe once while walking around for 6-8 hours...YES WALKING AND PEDDLING!! I didn't make a dime...I was given false promises and anytime a question was asked about how we got paid, they'd act like you just asked them to buy you a car...they WILL NOT give you direct answers and Mike will call you all sorts of names if you ask a question that he doesn't like or want to answer...they talk [censor] about everyone who decides the job isn't for them...after all, isn't it that person's RIGHT to choose? I even overheard one person confront Eva about both her and Mike being late all of the time (they ALWAYS stress be on on time...get motivated!!) How are we supposed to stay motivated when we're left sitting outside in the cold wind waiting their lazy [censor] to show up AN HOUR AND A HALF LATE?! Her response to this...her words exactly were..."I can do whatever the [censor] I want, 'cause this is my business!"...yeah way to run a business...this place is so unprofessional and can give it a shot if you're willing to take all the [censor] and are great with sales...personally I sucked at it and knew it wasn't right for me...I have never written a complaint about a company, but this place deserved it because of the way they mistreated so many people.

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  • Fo
      11th of Nov, 2010

    its seem rather unfair that the laziest most negative people that leave welfare to come to this place looking for a free ride are allowed to post any opinion when they have never stuck with anything through completion. there are requirements to successfully complete 5-8 weeks of training before they are allowed to be a manager or assist with running a location. i guess the money would suck for anyone that starts in a new field and gives up or quits with a bad attitude within two days of trying something challanging. it is fair to say that people do come and go in the 8 weeks of learning sales, training, management, and admin, however alot of people go on to run a real office and have a wonderful life as well as some leave with a better education than when they first showed up. training is a weeding out process and without it lazy negative slackers could end up being your bosses.

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  • Co
      26th of Nov, 2010

    that job is [censored] eva flirts with all the dudes all the time and try to act like a OWNER when mike around he said eva the top seller but i didnt she her do $hit when i was there and she talk about broke people all the time she was just fortunate to have mikes BABY but im not being a hater she sucked her way into success ya digg

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  • Li
      4th of Feb, 2011


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  • Lo
      16th of Feb, 2011

    oh lord is this really a scam job if it is i dont think im going in for the interview thanks guys!

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  • Sc
      21st of Jun, 2011

    My neighbor has just started her training there and already she is having reservations. So I checked them out on the internet. I have found numerous complaints, all saying the same thing. All they want you to do is sell thier products for them while they sit back and rake in the money and give you very little of it. They also have had a complaint filed with the BBB. The BBB has made several contact attempts but they will not talk to them or to the person who filed the complaint. And they are not accredited with the BBB either. It is a scam. My friend is going to take the links to work with her tomorrow and confront them. She has 4 children and drives over 30 minutes one way. She can't afford to be scammed.

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  • These are complete schemers I applied for a job back in 2010, I should have known it was a scam because they kept calling me back. I was selling perfume for all of 3 days and realized it was a scam, but then i went back to take them the perfume a few months later and Eva offered me the Receptionist position, which was cool while I was in school, but I didn't need the job, I just wanted the extra money. Mike is a grade a scammer and he has even scammed Eva into Scamming. Eva is really nice, and young, and she could probably legitimately be running her own company but Mike is ruining her life. They claim to be rich, NOT! they live beyond their means, their car was repossessed while I was there, and it was like an old truck. All the good comments on here are probably from them, because I use to catch him looking at these complaint sight. Another thing is I was working there for 3MThs and NO ONE ever stayed their past 2 to 3 weeks. This is how they make their money, they get you to push their product, they know your not going to stay for too long and then have another orientation class selling you a dream and they get them to push the product for a little bit. All in all STAY AWAY. Mike says he's rich, he couldn't even pay me my 300 on time. Be Ware, the scam is real

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