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Life ins, mortgages / Fraud, deceitful advertising

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1 - I don't hate Primerica apologists. I hate the sin that they do.
2 - I don't hate my former rvp. I hate the sin that she does.
3 - I am an expert income tax preparer and a consultant in several fields, including death {misnamed life} insurance. My call in life is to expose evil. Visit my websites for details.
4 - I hate cash value life insurance. I know that are no situations wherewith it can be useful. You are told at the rah-rah meetings at Primerica that cash value insurance is evil and that it is a dinosaur. But many of you do not know that your company sells some and you would not know how to refute a fast talking whole life agent when they spew out their great swelling words of vanity. This is because you do not understand the basic concept of death insurance, which is to bleed individuals and families, NOT to help them.

LET'S MAKE IT SIMPLE for those who do not read have time to read all of this expose for the present. THE TEN COMMANDMENTS FROM PRIMERICA'S VIEW:
Would you work in the following scenario? You go to work in an office after being told "you really fit this position. And it will be easy work, you will have lots of time with your family and you will make a tremendous amount of money". Firstly, you are told you will NOT be paid until you obtain a license. You say "nothing was said that you have to have a license to work here. And, you already have my SS number". Well, you were finally told AFTER the sleazy one got you all excited about making 50000, 100000 or even more{less than .005 do}. Secondly, you must "recruit" other workers so you can be paid. "What? What if I get five; they all get five; they get five? Where will all these workers fit? There's very limited space." You only hear: you must recruit, recruit, recruit.
Thirdly, AFTER you pay out of your own pocket for this license, you cannot earn money yet. "Why am I not allowed?! That's not fair. You said I can collect commissions and recruit after I pay for this license, pay for the preparation, pay the fee and pay all of my expenses to get it. I'm having to go to the homeless shelter because I cannot meet my house payments" or "I cannot pay my rent". You hear a bunch of lies. This is to cover up the fact that you are not allowed commissions for a while. You see, your superiors {superiors? NO ONE whom is dishonest is superior to I. NO ONE.} - this upline - knows that you are going to hear the truth about Primerica. You will become very discouraged, very, very quickly. So your "superiors" have to hold something back to insure you remain in the trap that they have placed you in.
Fourthly, you are told {or may be NOT told and all the implications of that!} that YOU MUST HAVE $25 STOLEN FROM YOUR BANK ACCOUNT EVERY SINGLE MONTH!!! WHY??! This is such a great opportunity and you are in a 10, 25, 50, 100, 200 or 500 billion dollar company, depending upon how large of a lie your so-called superior told to you. You haven't seen a check for well over a month now, but you have to allow Primerica to STEAL - that's precisely what it is - from you. And they do not tell you up front. This means that you will be clubbed for $25 to Lord knows how much, depending upon how many checks you wrote that bounced as a result, how dishonest your bank is and the fee your bank charges per returned check presented.
Fifthly, you are NOT vested in any profit sharing plan after one year of employment in this supposed 500 billion dollar corporation. Sixth, you are provided with NO life and health insurance after two or three months of employ, not even one with a large deductible. you are told that you MUST buy an insurance policy with this 500 billion dollar company!!! You must buy this policy as an EXAMPLE to all of your prospects, even though you supposedly have this secure job in an office where you are supposed to be making this huge salary and not have to waste $80 in gasoline per day trying to sway prospects and lying to potential recruits to get this downline!! You do the "hiring" for your superiors and they don't have to go to the expense of finding good help. But even though it's their fault, YOU still get the blame if your downline doesn't sell. And, in addition to that, it's not even the cheapest of policies!! Matter of fact, when you compare to other companies, you find that you are paying one of the
highest rates!! And you are forbidden from doing business with any other company! Further, you receive no discounts!!! You pay retail in this $500 billion company that should be insuring you and your family in gratitude for your putting in 80, 90, 100 hours/week worth of work attempting to get more "recruits" for the company!! Worse, you may already have a whole life policy that you are trapped in. It does not matter. You are told you MUST buy a policy with Primerica to make a good impression on all those customers you are supposedly going to convince to come on the Primerica merry-go-round. No lead sheets from a professional marketing firm nor anything a quarter of the way convincing is presented proving that you will have good possibility leads. Seventh, you can be demoted by your superior for any reason, including no reason. Your commission levels would be reduced, also. Eighth, when you become sick and tired of being treated unfairly, you have NO RECOURSE. You cannot go to the Department of Labor for redress! Ninth, the commissions you make in this "office" can be taken away from you. If your purchasers find that your prices are too high, they change their mind, your company decides not to sell to a "sold" customer, a death in the family and a different CEO takes over - any of these things can cause you to have to take a "chargeback" - which means you have to give your commission and overrides back!! You are walking, then gaiting, then RUNNING, faster and faster just to fall farther and farther behind. You are TRIPLY whammed! In a real company, you get paid and your company refunds the money to unhappy customers. At this company, you not only do not get paid, and, when you make a commission, YOU and NOT your company, have to refund to a customer when the customer does not pay, etc. YOU did not receive your entitled commission when you were paid because you were skimmed to pay an upline. But when you have to take a chargeback, YOU pay the entire chargeback!! A triple blow!!
Tenth, you begin hearing that the prices of your companies product lines are too high. You do not believe it because you were told that we were the lowest. That's why you came to work for this glorious company. You begin doing your research in independent journals, trade journals, online, and so on and you find that ALL of your products are over-priced. Your company cannot compete. Not only that, you discover that your product line does not have the variety that your competitors have. Further, your line has some terrible products. WOULD YOU GO TO WORK FOR A COMPANY LIKE THIS? READ ON. THIS IS THE WAY IT WAS AT A.L. WILLIAMS, INC AND STILL IS AT PRIMERICA!

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      2nd of Sep, 2010
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    1. I dont hate people who quit primerica. I hate that they dont get licensed or are too lazy or in their own way to actually try and then come on message boards and bad mouth the company.
    2. I dont hate people who think they know it all. I hate that they ruin the oppurtunity for hard working people who want to change their lifes.
    3. I do hate cash value insurance because as you get older the rates get higher and instead of telling you about it in english...not in some mumbo jumbo contract that almost noone can read. And instead of telling you up front they dip into the cash value account and drain your "savings". I also dont like it that when you die your family gets the face amount and not savings.
    4. And finally for you who say its a scam and theres no money in it Ive been with the company for 6 months and made more money than i did at my other job and just got back from a relaxing trip in san diego.

    This company isn't made for everyone but if you go through the numbers you find studs. Do your research better next time buddy and dont ruin the oppurtunity for other people looking to better themselves!

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