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Life in U.K.con / rewarding cheats/council muggingS/Rip-offs

1 England, Greater London, United Kingdom

Call me a grumpy old man, but I feel sorry for the up and coming young of today. Just after W.W.2 the UK was on its knees, bomb damaged and in dept to the US. Yes, there were spivs and bank robbers around, but they were the exception rather than the rule. Now the banks have become the spivs and robbers and rip-offs are part of everyday life. The spivs get a bonus and the victims get nothing.
Even Local Councils have found a legal source of mugging their communties through their needs to park their cars or motorbikes. Slightest mistake and they have their uniformed muggers waiting to pounce and slap you for a £60 fine, or tow-away your vehicle, if they feel like it.
If you want to find a contractor to do some work for you, you have to turn into a private detective to find out if they have ripped anybody else off.
Many of us get ripped off and we never know.
If you take your car in for a service, it is a lottery whether all the work you paid for was really carried out.
I remember the time when there was honor, good will and trust. When we had nothing but each other to get through the tough times.
Now our politicians are smart lawers, masters of political expediency. They set the example.
I hope the young rise up and start a Consumers Revolution.
God Save The Queen !
Alex from Brixton


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