Licence Control Board of Ontario"manager" lcbo north york centre location

I came in to buy a very expensive bottle of champagne. This was at 1:10pm, Nov 17, 2017.

The only cashier was extremely busy and so I took it upon myself to locate where the champagne might be kept (locked up - back corner area). I did not see any other staff on the floor. Please keep in mind it's "rush hour" for all the shops in the North York Centre as a high number of people take their lunch breaks between 12 and 2pm.

I had to go and speak with the only cashier twice, before she thought to finally contact the manager to unlock the cabinet. After 5 minutes, he arrives. He grabs the bottle of champagne and personally carries it to the cash. I thought he was going to personally ring the item through (as the line had grown even longer, and there was still only one cashier). I thought to myself, what amazing service (after having waited 10 minutes by this point). I WAS WRONG. He simply placed the bottle on the back counter and told me to get in line. He advised me that he wasn't a cashier and couldn't jump behind the register to assist the MANY patrons who were in line. He said he didn't know how to do cash. Really? He then quickly added, "I don't know where the other guy is ". I assume this "guy" was another staff member who knew how to work the cash...? From there, he just walked away and I went over to the back of the line. Another 10mins went by. I am incredibly disappointed in this experience. It's my first and LAST for this LCBO location. Especially given the LCBOs I generally buy at (Summerhill, Shops at Don Mills, Broadview/Danforth, etc.) are always filled with excellent and helpful staff.

In summation, at this location, the LCBO employs an individual as a "manager" who doesn't know how to provide basic customer service; doesn't know how to operate the cash register; doesn't know how to properly staff a check-out register during peak times; and, doesn't always know where his staff is at all times. Did I get that right? Very disappointed. Whomever hired this "manager" should be advised. And, this "manager", needs undergo additional (repeat?) training in the area of management and customer service. I know there are many amazingly competent LCBO employees out there. I hope the person reading this is one of them.

Thank you.

Nov 17, 2017

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