Liberty Reserve Sociedad Anonima / Loss of Funds

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On 26th of march 2013 an amount of 125 USD was withdrawn from my Liberty Reserve Account (U0731710) without my knowledge. I contacted online support and their view was that my log in details were not well secured. I have never shared them and written them any where.
I traced the IP address from where access was allegedly made into my LR and it points to London in England ( Access to the LR account requires a pin sent to THE email address if access was from a different IP.
To confirm if really there was hacking I requested an account activity report from gmail account and it clearly shows there was no access from England on the said date. This made me believe this could be an inside job within the firm itself. I have contacted their support team but no response is forth coming. Please assist. Attached are screen shots of my liberty account, IP tracking report, gmail account activity report for your consideration.

Liberty Reserve Sociedad Anonima
Liberty Reserve Sociedad Anonima
Liberty Reserve Sociedad Anonima

Mar 29, 2013

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