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1 NY, US

I received a call from someone who could barely speak English and talked very fast. He said I was approved for a $1500 loan. He had all of my personal information, including my bank account number and Social Security number. He talked about some monthly plan that would be $19.95 per month for 12 months. I told him I was NOT interested. He said I would receive a confirmation email and I could cancel at that time. He said the company name was and gave me two phone numbers: [protected] and [protected]. I immediately called the first number and got a musical recorded message telling me my call was "first in line" and thanking me for my patience. No company name was given. I waited at least five or six minutes, then got a recorded message that said I had reached "payday loan matching service" and if I was waiting for word on a loan application, someone would get back to me in 3 to 4 days. The the line went dead. I called the second number and received someone named Ann who said she was from and said that there was a pending loan application in my name. I said I was NOT interested in any kind of loan and that I wanted anything attached to my named to be cancelled and verified. She said that I had been signed up for some financial service membership that would be $19.95 per month for 12 months. I said I did not request this or any other service and I wanted it all cancelled. She assured me that she would do that and told me to direct any questions to [protected] I then came and looked everything up on the internet and discovered this site. Earlier this year I had been informed by the IRS that I was a victim of Identity Theft. I immediately cancelled all my credit cards, closed all my bank accounts, and notified all credit bureaus. These callers had all my new information. Please help me. I am elderly, partially disabled, and still trying to recover from the financial mess caused by the ID theft. I do not want to keep having to close bank accounts! What can I do or what should I do next?


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