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Hello, Here is some juicy info on Liberty's WC ethics-I had a hostile environment and the dr told me to get on WC and HR has to get me out of that dept. HR returned my call and he said he was friends with the mgr causing the problems-He never sent the claim form and so I never filed. It was a week later that I got a denial letter from Liberty. I don't know how I can be denied before I get a chance to submit the claim and evidence. The adjusters/their attorneys/my attorneys seem to be a big buddy system with the QME--because they were paying everybody but me (my attorneys were friends of theirs I found out so didn't try to help me-just stalled). The 2 different judges made court orders for me to go to Liberty's selected QME which is rediculous-even though the Medical Unit letter I had clearly stated there were inconsistancies, errors...etc in the report. Never mind the QME harassed me during the session and lied to me about me! They are just doing what ever they want and management over at Liberty could care less. Ignored me for Liberty's attorney--all that attorney kept doing is lie, lie, lie...If anyone read anything in the file by that time they could see it was all lies they were basing it on. Thousands of dollars went to keep me from getting medical attention/monetary assistance for the Hostile Employer Pharmavite. That's pretty hateful-you see why my dr said get out of that dept? Oh-I guess out of that company is much safer! 10 year employee with great reviews. Looks like a racketeering ring of some sort. I think it's more than hostility.

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  • Al
      13th of Jan, 2011

    If that was the problem--yes, it wouldn't be a WC issue. You really shouldn't apply for something like that--HR should step in and make sure any issues are resolved---It takes a lot more than one incident usualy-depending how horrific the incident is-which was the case here-horrific-documented issues--and some not so horrific, but a big concern-it's not unusual to have differencs and not all get along. But, HR and MGT were well known for problems in this particular company. They actually set up the weekly sessions with a trainer for the ENTIRE company to attend to find out why there were so many complaints about mgt/hr...

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