Liberty Financial / Terrible experience

In October I received a letter with a check attached, informing me that I had won $ 250, 000 in a lottery. I received what looked very much like an official check from a Citizens State Bank in Hayfield, MN. The check was for 4, 980, which I was told in the letter not to do anything with until I spoke to a Mr. Patrick Smith my claim agent.

Since I didn't remember entering any contest, I was suspicious, but wanted to believe it since I am having great economical difficulties as is many people are currently. But in the back of my head I figured it was a scam, so I checked out on the internet and found that the bank address on the check did not match to a bank with that name in MN. I then entered the name of the Liberty Financial Inc, and that led me to your sight.

Please some one needs to stop these people, they are going to hurt someone financially, if they already haven't. Once again, especially with these tough economic times this make their action even more disturbing.


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