LG Refrigerator-Model # LFXS24663Snever buy lg refrigerator-model lfxs24663s

Purchased refrigerator in May 2015 from Home Depot. If I could have rated this a zero I would have. Within a few months the ice maker stopped working. In 2017, condenser/compressor went & we had to wait 2 weeks for a "certified LG Repairman" to come due to design of Model LFXS24663S. Last week, same issue occurred but now it is out of warranty. According to Apex Repair in York, Pa there is a design flaw in this model. Due to the limited # of certified LG Repairman, we will be waiting another 2 weeks for a service date to be available. Guess there are lots of other customers having the same issue. Of course, it stopped working the day after Christmas . Lots of wasted food once again. I'm so frustrated with this LG Refrigerator that I don't think I will ever buy another LG product. If the company knows that there is a design flaw then why aren't they contacting the customers that have bought these refrigerators with a design flaw and make it right. It is not only frustrating but very difficult to live 2 weeks without a refrigerator not to mention the money involved in the repair.

Dec 30, 2018

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