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Lexington Housing Center / Poor customer service

1 1323 West Main StreetLexington, SC, United States

11-8-08 I paid $10k down on a modular home that was to be delivered and set up on my property within 30-60 days (the first lie).

On 11-17 I went to pick colors and gave another $20k as a down payment. A week later nothing was done, I called the county to see if permits had been obtained to start construction and was told that no one from Lexington Housing Center had contacted the Permiting dept.

After leaving several messages for my salesman, Gary I was told that the contractor license had expired and he had to renew it before anything could be done. I suggested contractors which done foundations and even offered to use my license to pull the permit.

I finally received confirmation that the permit had been obtained [protected])and was told that the house would ship in 10 days and would be set BEFORE New Years! (another lie) And to expect the foundation crew before the end of the week.

Another week passed and finally after several calls to LHC a crew arrives to start the foundation. The footers are poured on 12-20, by 12-22 the foundation is complete.

On 12-29 I spoke with LHC and confirmed that the house would arrive this week.

On 12-31 I received a call from my banker and he asked why I was changing my loan to a construction loan. I told him I knew nothing about this. He informed me that he had just spoken with LHC and "I" had requested a construction loan. I called LHC and left several messages for Gary, and Robert the manager.

I received a call from LHC on 1-5 Gary "assumed" that I wanted a construction loan. (This has never been mentioned) I told them that wanted to know why the house had not been delivered as promised before new years. I was told by LHC that the title search had to be done on the property. I asked why hadn't this been done already since they have already started work. No one could answer that. (I had provided a copy of the survey, the deed, as well as county site approval, and the septic permit, all of which "I" had obtained on 11-17).

January 7, 2009- 60 days, and still no house!

On 1-8 I called LHC and spoke with Robert and again asked where was my house, his response was they never received the site approval from my county. Now anyone with a brain would know that a county will not issue a building permit without approving the building site first. I again reminded him that I had given that information on 11-17. Again I was told that they should not be anymore delays and the home should arrive at the beginning of the week. (Another Lie)

On 1-12 at 9am I called to confirm that the house was on the way, I was told that no one was in the office, I left a message Robbie, Gary the salesperson, and Charlie, at 11 I called back I was told that everyone was in a meeting to try later, I called at 12 and everyone was at lunch. I called at 1 and was told that Robert and everyone else was in a meeting but I could leave another message. I continued to call every hour until I was able to speak with someone, I asked Robert again when to expect the house, He answered he was "floored-out" when I asked what that meant he told me to ask my husband, he then told me that he'd call me before the end of the day and give me an exact date on the arrival of the house. And of course I never received that call.

The following morning at 11am I called, again everyone was in a meeting. I again left messages for Robert, Gary and Charlie. I called at 1 and was told everyone was still in a meeting and that no one was available to talk to me. I hung up the phone, used my cell phone and had my friend ask for Robert, he was on the phone within minutes. Sounding very fustrated that I was on the other end, he begain to tell me that he was over his credit limit with the manufacturer and that the house could not be delivered until he could pay for it and he was not able to do that at this time. He said that if I had done a construction loan this would not have happened. My question to him was where did the 30k go? He told me that it was used to complete the foundation. (another lie)

I called the contractor who completed my foundation, Harrold. Harrold has never received any money from LHC and has been asking for his money since 12-22.

I called LHC again and after a few not so nice messages got a call back, I requested my deposit back.

On 1-14 Robert called me and said he would come by and return $20k of my deposit and the rest would be used to pay the contractor. I agreed, He never came!

On 1-15, we went to LHC and demamded our deposit back, we received a check in the amount of $20, 000.00. We have been informed by the bank that there are insufficent funds to cash the check. I am also receiving calls from the contractor who can by state law put a mechanical lien on my property for the foundation work, because he still has not been paid for his work.

1-20 I received another call from Harold the foundation contractor who stated that he has still not been paid for his work, and he has been informed by Lexington Housing Center that they are closing the business.

So bottom line is that I'm out of $30, 000.00, still have no house, and may end up in court over the mechanical lien on my property, all because of LEXINGTON HOUSING CENTER!

I have contacted the Housing Authority in South Carolina, but they really don't seem to interested in helping me, because they returned my deposit (with a bad check - of course)!


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