Levelor BlindsImpossible to Remove from Brakets

I have Levelor cellular blinds in my home office. After a couple of years, they started not raising and staying horizontal. One side was lower than the other. I saw that one of the cords had slack, while the others didn't. I shortened the one that had slack about an inch, and they began hanging straight again. after about six months, I began having the same problem. I decided to re-string them. Here'sa the problem. I have now spent over two hours trying to remove them from the brackets and going back and forth to the hardware store to get little crow bars to help. THEY WON'T come out of the brackets! I'm afraid of damaging them, and have pinched and scratched most of my fingers at this point. Levelor obviously does not care about the total customer experience. I will never buy a Levelor product again.

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