Level Ten Hosting / CRE Loaded - unwilling to send executable file

1 MA, United States

There are three things that customers need to be aware when purchasing Level Ten Hosting CRE Loaded package:
1) Level Ten Hosting is NOT a certified distributor of CRE Consequently, you will not receive any of CRE upgrades, patches, or support. You are better off purchasing CRE Loaded directly from CRE
2) Support by Level Ten Hosting for CRE Loaded is very poor. Unlike CRE support services, Level Ten Hosting can hardly directly answer a question, they keep refering the user to look at the manual.
3) Lastly, I purchased Level Ten Hosting's CRE Loaded commerce package a year ago. Now that I want to cancel my subscription they are refusing to give me the executable CRE Loaded file. Level Ten Hosting support are not answering my tickets and their hanging-up on me when I call!!! So you need to know that if you buy Level Ten's CRE loaded package you will NOT have an executable file and you will not be able to easily migrate to another hosting site. This is what I call a racket!


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