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I have filed with the labor commission in utah also the Murray city police department for not making good on checks they issued me back in May of 2010, and the unemployment office. Also Work force Services.Then to top it off Fraud complaint boards. Help me please.
Fraud? I am reading they don’t even pay their employees. This is sounding like a thief that should be put in jail. Why are the police not taking action? I guess for the same reason we pay for the police twice in Utah once in state taxes and again in a bill you receive in the mail. Aaron Christner, Ryan Jensen, and Derek Price. They sound like ###! [redacted] has a lot of negative information about them and so does the BBB also the attorney general as well from my understanding. Don’t let it happen to you run for these guys if approached by phone or any other way. Their sales guys are RYAN MORGAN, SPENCER BARTON, BRANDON FITZGERALD, TIM DOWNING, JOSH, ZACH ., mad cow productions, Diverse Marketing, Simplified Marketing LLC, are just a few names of companies they have had in about 12 months.These guys lived in other states and it makes me think this is a pattern. I read a blog where a woman claiming to be Aarons mother was saying he should be in prison? Wow how would that make you feel?

This is what Aaron Christner looks like
Here are a few posts about them 1.

Here a some of their websites.
from what I was told by the owner Aaron Christner, they were affiliated with the rich jerk.
They set up false Blogs and hire people to help them through blogging. To boost their business. Exposure.
I dug through whois domain information. If you are researching this company, please immediately look up Thrive Learning/Six Figure Consulting on this website and read the complaint.

Nicholas Johnson, Josh Lindsay, & Jeff Nielson are former owners of 6 figure as shown at the BBB.

these people have moved their business from Murray Utah to Boise Idaho if I am not mistaken. CYBER INNOVATIONS, LEVEL 11 MENTORING, MAD COW PRODUCTIONS are just a couple names for the company. Is this contact information for the company and owners? [protected]

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  • Xx
      17th of Jan, 2011

    What is this a website list that are Fraudulent? Why are you wasting everyone time with this type of blogging? This IP needs to be put on a ban list apparently for abuse.!

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  • Cl
      10th of Mar, 2011

    "The training that I received from my Level11 Mentoring coaches was top
    quality professional! I learned a lot of information, strategies and insider
    secrets that I probably would have never learned from other SEO programs. I
    would recommend Level11 Mentoring to anyone who is serious about succeeding
    in Internet marketing. Thank you Level11!

    Hope Henley"

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  • Us
      11th of Mar, 2011

    Your site looks great Hope, I am thinking about buying the Level 11 program and I have looked at all these complaint pages it's hard to find any real negetive information about them other than the two employees who seemed disgruntled. It was really nice to see that you posted your info on here, that was a real positive image for me as far as making this decision. I find it hard to take the ex employee dude seriously considering he posted a bunch everywhere (on one page he had a conversation with himself and posted like ten posts trying to sound like different people) kinda trying to slander these people and they seemed to have posted back proving him wrong. Im sure that companies like this have people who stop doing their job right and get mad because they are fired. anyways, thanks hope your site provided me with just what your name says. Im gonna try out the program and I will repost on here in a month to let you know how it's going people of the world.

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  • Ve
      12th of Mar, 2011

    I just signed up for mentoring last week and I don't see anything wrong with this company. Learned a bit and i'm starting to make a few bucks with promoting stuff from Clickbank, mind you I just started so my commissions are low and wont be paid out for a few weeks. Regardless, these guys are legit, they are helping me and from what I have found in the little affiliate marketing circle, the guy posting all the complaints is just a disgruntled former employee caught doing something bad.

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  • Xx
      25th of May, 2011

    Wow paid for blogging.

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  • Xx
      20th of Oct, 2011

    why have you run away Mr. Aaron Christner you are no longer in murray Utah? Have you decided to run away from your obligations? The state of Utah is now looking for you to collect monies you owe to people! I believe you are aware of this and thats why no one can find you. Well I can say this proves the points made by the complaints on this site and others. Folks I would advise you to avoid Aaron Christner RYAN MORGAN, SPENCER BARTON, BRANDON FITZGERALD, TIM DOWNING, JOSH, ZACH. If they were honest and doing the right thing they would post their current location and the name of the business they are currently operating under. I do understand that the Company name changes every couple months but that is just one more way they choose to avoid honest actions.

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  • Ro
      25th of Feb, 2012

    Aaron Christner (who also goes by Vince Scarpuzzi) and his buddy Ryan Johnson (who also has an alias- Ari Schwimmer) are still up to their old tricks of scamming the unsuspecting. They have two new company names... Black Box Firm (866-476-8473) and If you want to be ripped off, join up with Black Box Firm- you over pay by factors of 100 for a simple website. If you just want to pay a lot of information you can get for free on Google, join In both cases, it is the same old Ryan and Aaron, ripping people off with their scams. Again.

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  • Gr
      26th of Feb, 2012
    Best Best Advice

    These guys change companies and names every six months to a year it looks like. The latest one is Black Box, and the scam here is to overcharge thousands of dollars for a little website. I looked at their "portfolio" online... wow- they took one nothing site from 2 hits a day to six- TRIPLED their traffic in three months. For that you pay 5 grand plus.

    Aaron/Vince and Ryan/Ari are loser who steal from everyone they come in contact with. They overcharge their clients. They don't pay their employees. They bounce checks to their vendors.

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  • Kw
      14th of Mar, 2012

    I am in AAron mother it make me sick he use my Socal S number and took out credit cards in my name thier was nothing done .He ruin
    my credit and i have people calling me day and night had to change my phone number and went hiding my self .

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  • Sc
      8th of Jun, 2012

    I paid $4250.00 to setup and market an online business. I was assigned 3 different people and none of them finished my business. The phone system went out and the last person Lindsay Ford stopped calling and emails. I tried calling the number that she gave as a contact number but it just rings. They refuse to refund my money.

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  • Xx
      17th of Sep, 2012

    we have been trying to warn people about Aaron Christner and his companies but we cant save people that don't find the information or bought to soon sorry to hear you got scammed call the attorney general and the other internet sites like GOV Good luck these guys buy bloggers to lie about them like the comments above. those are employees that have posted the positive comments. These guys are ### jerks and they hide I have several law suits I have one against them but they hide like the cowards they are. I wish you the best Scherie

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