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Level 1 Maintenance, Inc / Dont Pay & Sueing them and Looking at a Class Action Lawsuit

1 29 Eastbrook Road, Suite 6Dedham, MA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: (617) 323-3900

Company called mine in Charlotte NC asked to perform work at several different site location in Charlotte for Exxon Mobile Gas Stations on an emergency bases, so we negotiated a price of $210.00 per property for the work, got cres on the problem at 7:30 a.m. in the morning had 9 properties to complete, and we complete these. Was told that afternoon that we had to have a work order signed, but never had the work orders.

Was called later that afternoon to go back out to the properties and do more work for an additional $90.00. Invoice the company 3 days later on 30 day terms.

After 30 days called, was told that the invoices where over and above the orginal agreed to price. Explained that we where sent out by 2 different people, they realized what the issue was, ask if I would discount the invoice and I did by $30.00 for prompt payment within 10 days, here it is 108 days later nothing.

Called accounts payable, was told check would be mailed May 5th 2009 today is May 17th 2009, and still no check or money. Told accounts payable that they owned 10% of unpaid balance every 30 days, they refuse to pay for the contract (which I never was presented with and never signed for it was never given to me at the negotiations) states 45 days, needless to say this is what I am doing

I am writing the president of the company at his house a letter, and with all the correspondance and invoices that has been sent back and fourth.

I am going to give 7 buisness days for a response

If no response I am asking every buisness or person that has eveidence from not being paid for services that they have performed in the USA for this company to email me at and come forward and lets get togeather and start a class action law suit against this company.

If this does not hapen then I will file in district court in there county a civil lawsuit for the moeny and go after corperation assets



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  • Jb
      18th of May, 2009
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    I hope all of you can tell that I have tried to work with this company and have tried my best to be fair, however when I am delt a bad hand, I am not the type to sit around, I will do what I have to for the survival of my buisness's that I own, I did not go into buisness to have a national chain company go around jerking my chain, and I am willing to get others that have been wronged by this company weather it is there practice of not paying for service rendered for a signature is not on a piece of paper, you was contracted to provide service and as long as that service is provided and you do a satisfactory job then you are intitled to monatary payment. I do have a attorney that is prepared to go fourth with a class action suit if more of you will contact me.

    Mr. Johanna,

    First, thank you for your prompt reply. It is always important to keep communication viable through any process. I do appreciate that you felt it best to respond directly, for I feel Charlie Citrone has been nothing but professional and helpful through this entire process. As far as the “One time service agreement” with that confusion I am glad it has been resolved.

    As for the other confusion, I am understanding through our dispatching services that we offer how wires can get crossed and mislead, for I know we have error on our own. Such as the case this was only one portion why I choose to discount the total service rendered, the other portion was for prompt payment.

    Now with that said, it is my stature and meaning that when our service was contacted and agreed to provide services on the wee morning hours on March 2nd 2009 I noted that all our services where on a 30 day term, and that our company could not make any deviation for such in our accounting software for certain clients, it would either make every invoice we have age at 45 days or our standard 30 days (Which is a Standard in most all business). Like you all of our clients are set on 30 day terms, all unpaid balances are age at 30 days with a 10% late payment applied to all unpaid balances on the anniversary of the 30 days. Our office takes pride in taking assurance to our commercial clients of prompt invoicing as such our office faxes each work order ticket completed within 72 hours to our clients with a written individual invoice, between the 1st and the 10th our office prints out each run order and prints a summary statement of the month with previous balances owed and any late fees assessed and applied. Such said you account was created on 3/3/2009 all invoices where entered and we mailed the 1st to your office by United States Postal Service Priority Mail on March 6, 2009, in addition we faxed such invoices to (781) 355 – 4055. According to the USPS website such parcel should have been delivered no later than March 11, 2009. I feel that from the invoices being marked and stating “Payment is due within 30 days.” Then it should have been made priority on Level 1 Maintenance Inc to promptly pay such or correspond with such company either by mail, email, or phone as to the inaccuracy of such invoice. Mr. Johanna this was never done, I myself had to contact Level 1 Maintenance to verify the status of payment on the following dates 3/24/09, 4/1/09, and on 4/8/09. One reason why I had to keep calling in was for I was told that on 3/24/09 that the person who had such documents was out of the office, on 4/1/09 I was instructed that they had the documentation and was in review process, on 4/8/09 I was told I needed to get in touch with the C.S.R., so therefore I ask to speak to John Bixga whom no longer worked there. So I got to speak to Charlie Citrone, at which time there was more confusion about the invoices in the amounts for I went to the property twice and provided two different services through two representatives through your company.

    My Johanna, being in business myself I understand how I would like to pay my bills when my clients pay me. However in the real world on Main Street that is not the issue, you pay your bills when due or they apply a late fee to the amount you owe, and thus said that is what has happen on this occasion.

    Now with the address of 1209 Shrine Club Rd, Jesup GA 31545, that is our incorporation address, such is listed with the tax assessor in the county as such, and this is the 1st time I have heard of any mail going to that address as being returned. Such address is a good address for all Big Boys Towing LLC, d.b.a. Johns 24 Hour Towing Service corporation legal business only. My employees receive a parcel through the USPS carrier at the lot in Charlotte NC one time, however at that address we do not have a mail box at that location nor do we receive mail there at that address that is why we specifically mark on the invoices that all payment should be mailed to the 610 Woods Bridge Rd address.

    As you state in your email correspondence that you now notice the mailing address is 610 Woods Bridge Rd Jesup Georgia 31545, I feel that while such invoices where in your review process then such should have also been noted, not only that on 4/30/09 I had a lengthily conversation with a female representative for 22 minutes over these same issues, at that time I explained that we do not receive mail at this location, that our mailing address was the Jesup Georgia, and by sending any further mail there would most likely be returned. I was told that only $2100.00 was schedule to be mailed, and if such is then no sir that is NOT PAYMENT IN FULL. I am listing a breakdown of your account below sir,


    Store #
    Total Due
    10% Late
    10% Late
    10% Late


    $ 345.00
    $ (45.00)
    $ 300.00
    $ 330.00
    $ 330.33
    $ 363.36

    $ 325.00
    $ (25.00)
    $ 300.00
    $ 330.00
    $ 330.33
    $ 363.36

    $ 350.00
    $ (50.00)
    $ 300.00
    $ 330.00
    $ 330.33
    $ 363.36

    $ 215.00
    $ -
    $ 215.00
    $ 236.50
    $ 236.74
    $ 260.41

    $ 325.00
    $ (25.00)
    $ 300.00
    $ 330.00
    $ 330.33
    $ 363.36

    $ 325.00
    $ (25.00)
    $ 300.00
    $ 330.00
    $ 330.33
    $ 363.36

    $ 325.00
    $ (25.00)
    $ 300.00
    $ 330.00
    $ 330.33
    $ 363.36

    $ 325.00
    $ (25.00)
    $ 300.00
    $ 330.00
    $ 330.33
    $ 363.36

    $ 2, 535.00
    $ (220.00)
    $ 2, 315.00
    $ 2, 546.50
    $ 2, 549.05
    $ 2, 803.95

    For payment to be made in full Mr. Johanna will require the amount of $2, 549.05, if paid by June 10, 2009. If this amount is not received and Level 1 Maintenance has attempted to tender payment of an amount less then this amount then there will be a balance due and will accrue late penalties until paid in full.

    Please note if any payment is tendered less then this amount and endorsed then in no way will such endorsement imply payment in full nor will such constitute a payment arrangement and such will be noted under the endorsement of the check.

    Upon this account becoming aged more than 90 days and less 120 days then our office will seek a summary judgment for the remaining balance in addition use all legal means to collect on such.

    Mr. Johanna, I and my company has provided satisfactory service you your company and their clients; we can continue to go around and around this issue with no end in sight. All I want is to be paid what I am owed. Please be assured if I have to spend my time in a Court of Law I will seek the original amount contracted since payment was never promptly paid in the 1st place, along with all the mailing fees, faxing fees, parking fees, legal representation fees that will be associated with such action. Now I have done my part correctly, it is Level 1 Maintenance to do there’s.

    Please forward a copy of this correspondence and all correspondence to your Robert C Casto, Level 1 Maintenance Inc. President, Treasure, Secretary, Director, and listing agent for your corporation, so that when our office renders via process server to appear in Mecklenburg County district court he is not surprised and confuse as to what is happening.

    I personally feel that through most of all this process there has been allot of confusion on Level 1 Maintenance service. It is really a simple process; Property owner awards your service a contract to provide maintenance service on their commercial properties. You in turn sub contract the work out. By doing so you agree to pay your contractors no matter what agreement you have with the property owners, that makes you responsible for your sub contractors which is what I am, and since the work was perform in the State of North Carolina, if my fees are not paid IN FULL and I have a sitting Honorable Justice agree with me on this, then yes I am entitled to a mechanics lien on the properties in addition to collecting such from your corporation there in Dedham, MA. And I know how to transfer judgments and collect on such, I am real good at for I also have a collection business that specialize in such.

    So please make sure that the PAYMENT IN FULL that you reference to is really the payment in full and if not that you make prompt payment for FULL PAYMENT.

    Jonathan Bevins
    610 Woods Bridge Rd
    Jesup GA 31520
    (912) 289 - 4003
    (866) 543 - 0759
    (704) 309 - 1678 Cell

    "Just think, if we all done this, how better the world would be, for you, me, our children, and our generations to come when we are long gone, Join me toady in the GREEN MOVE"

    From: Johanna Teahan
    Cc: Charles Citrone
    Sent: Monday, May 18, 2009 11:37:28 AM
    Subject: Our Conversation today @ 3:24 P.M.


    My name is Johanna, I am the Accounting Mgr.. here at Level 1 Maintenance. Charlie has forwarded me your email and I felt it best to respond directly. The confusion with the one-time agreement has been resolved and I have informed the Account Payable department to release payment. Generally our company does not remit payment until this document has been received. We waived this requirement for one time only because of the fact that these request came in with great urgency and your company was of great assistance in completing this work. We do appreciate your negotiating the prices as a result of the 2nd dispatch being an error. Unfortunately, Level 1 is not able to release payment prior to the 45 day term because of the fact we get paid on a net 30 term. The work tickets you had signed upon completing your services are submitted to Mobil and our payment is generated off those. We did not receive these work tickets until March 20 which was almost 3 weeks after services were performed. This is what cause the delay in payment.

    Your invoices were paid in full as of 5/7/09. However, today I received all three checks back in the mail due to them being “Not Deliverable as Addressed”. I have attached a copy of the W9 you submitted to Level 1 along with a copy of the check envelope. If you look the address we submitted payment to is in accordance with the W9 we received. Level 1 submits payment to the company address noted on the W9. I do see that you have a different mailing address specified on the invoice itself and I have already resent the checks to this address. In the future, the address to which you have your payments sent should be reflected properly on the W9 so as to avoid this kind of confusion. You should be received the check within the next couple of days and your account is paid in full.

    Please feel free to contact me directly should you have any further questions or concerns.

    Thank you,


    Johanna Teahan

    Accounting Department

    Level 1 Maintenance, Inc.

    29 Eastbrook Road,

    Dedham, MA. 02026

    Phone: 617-323-3900 x 115

    Fax: 781-326-4599

    From: Charles Citrone []
    Sent: Friday, May 15, 2009 4:04 PM
    To: Johanna Teahan
    Subject: FW: Our Conversation today @ 3:24 P.M.

    Charlie Citrone

    RFS Coordinator

    Level 1 Maintenance Inc.

    29 Eastbrook Road

    Dedham, MA 02026

    (617)323-3900 Main Office x 130

    (617)531-2083 Direct Fax

    From: John Bevins []
    Sent: Friday, May 15, 2009 3:45 PM
    To: Charles Citrone
    Cc: Jonathan Bevins
    Subject: Our Conversation today @ 3:24 P.M.


    As per our conversation today, and to recap such I do appreceate you reassureing me that we are going to get paid, as I mention before as of todate the amount dues is over 90 days, and I have called the accounts payables to discuss this and was assured that payment would be mailed on May 5th 2009, however that there was another problem with the account for there was never a one time agreement sign.

    As today and previous other conversations you have explained to me that this one time agreement was not needed nor was required. Now at this point I am not going to sign such agreement, for the terms of such agreement is more strignent then what was orginally agree to for the service.

    To be honest I feel that in April when I call in reference to the payment issues and learned of the confussion concerning your firm sending us out to the properties early that morning, and then the other guy sending us back out to the properties that night I do feel that when I resubmitted the invoices that where asked to be discounted payment would have been expidited as we discussed. However here we are again another 42 days from that date and still we have not recieved payment.

    I do appologize and feel that myself as a buisness person doing buisness with another have worked considerably with you and your firm to completely and admently complete all work that was asked of our company satisfactory to the local store property staff, we have went as far as to discount the service price in hopes of expiditing payment (which has not occured), and I have done everything I know of to meet our orginal terms of the agreement that was negogiated in emails and phone calls on 3/2/09 for service that needed to be completed.

    Sir, at that time on the phone I explained to you that we where on 30 day terms and would be more then happy to get 2 men a truck and equipment on those properties 1st thing in the morning @ 7:30 a.m. ish and I had such equipment on the 1st property at 8:45 a.m. and was working on these properties that Level 1 Maintence required..

    I am going to give another 3 buisness days before turning this matter over to my legal counsel for advisement. I am attaching a collection letter that I sent at the begining of May 2009 to your accounts recivables. I do look foward to working with you and recieving your company prompt payment.

    Jonathan Bevins

    610 Woods Bridge Rd

    Jesup GA 31545

    (912) 427-7070

    (912) 289-4003 Please NOTE that our main Dispatch Number has changed.

    (704) 542-0205

    (704) 323-1950 Cell

  • Jb
      10th of Jun, 2009
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    As of today 6/4/2009 the account from Level 1 Maintence is Paid in Full, after reaching Kristin Cassetta with Level 1 Maintence and her reviewing such payment was immeditaly made and process to our company in full. Upon dealing with these issues it was very confusing on both Level 1 Maintence and our company. However working with them I have learned several thing on the proper way of invoiceing there company, which some of this confusion was a reason for the delay.

    As of this I would perform work for this company, and make sure such is properly invoice and contacts for there company is proper.



  • He
      6th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    In these hard times it's a mood point to have to state that we are in need of financial stability. Here is one company that probably has a child running the game... My complaint goes towards the source that does not provide payment to the hard working contractors performing jobs all over the country at Exxon stations. The contractors in questions are getting to know one another as they meet up at meetings regarding their businesses in the town they live. Not only are most of them not getting paid for the hard work they provide but also are being constantly (every +/-10 days) harrassed with policy changes that requires to send in pictures..double pictures to be completely overlooked by some inexperienced administrator or at times to be just lost not to mention that at days when someone within the Level One Mainenance Administrators forgets the contracts... which happens often (at least once a month) and how about the last minute policy changes that are being announced un-professionaly over the phone at the last minute with a change of pay for a job that was just completed and was priced at a higher rate in a contract??? How can a high end Company such as Exxon accept such failure of service regarding their Exxon certified workers and let them work months to be owned not just 100's of their dearly earned money but they are talking about $10000's of contracted money not being paid out on time. These people work these station paying for fuel, equipment usage, products such as paint supplies...etc...all out of their own pocket for months and how are they to support their families being dog hard put to work without pay to come home and deal with another policy change. How do they do it?? How can this be accepted? How can Exxon let this happen?? Are they aware of this ? The child who runs the game might be the one driving the nice car on all these people's expense. Is the OWNER of LEVEL ONE MAINTENANCE aware of his business having so many issues? It looks like they have good hard working people working for them and are about to lose most of them very soon if that did not allready happened. For someone reading this and thinking about working for them, just know that you will not see a check for the first 6 to 8 months of work as there are many MANY out there going into debt to be able to keep up working for them. If you are contracted out with them...welcome CHAOS and CONFUSION and many sleepless nights for you and your family on how to keep a roof over your head. Bills are not getting paid by sending pictures, reading contracts and new policies every other day. You accomplish your tasks and project then you get paid after the time stated in the contract agreement. And it does not happen for many out there and that's a FACT! You have issues and you better start addressing them. That's it!!! Just ### and get of the pot Level One.

  • Ct
      12th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes
    Level 1 Maintenance, Inc - Will not Pay
    United States

    I was contracted by this company to take care of the landscaping work at one of their properties here in Connecticut. Very long story short...They are AWFUL to work with. They do not respond back to phone calls, emails, etc. They have a payment terms of 45 days, it took them 80 days to pay my company the first months payments and have been late ( over the 45 days) on every other invoice sent to them. They do not call back when they are questioned about payments. I was actually hung up on twice when I called questioning why my company was not being paid for work that had been done. DO NOT work for them if you want to get paid on a regular basis.

  • Ma
      18th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    Level One has not paid for our landscape services here in the DFW Texas
    area. This year they are late since April ( its now October ) They owe us
    a little over 5K. Do not work for them you will not get paid.

    Marty Terry
    Terry's Lawn Care, Inc

  • An
      19th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    My son who goes to college full time and works 30 hours at another job started his own landscape co. After growing the company with mostly residential accounts he signed on with Level 1 to maintain a number of pharmacies in CT. He has not been paid for the work that he completed in June. It is now late Oct and we have contacted an attorney. They have promised and promised with no payment. He has since quit contracting for them but we don't know how, or when, he is going to see payment for all of the work that he has done. From what he has told me, and I have witnessed, DO NOT work for them if you want to get paid. As you can see from my first sentence this is one hardworking kid that is being completely taken advantage of. Besides all of the other things he has going on he has to contend with this.

  • Jo
      17th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    i am in the same boat with everyone level1 owes me 6, 000.00 dollars
    i'm sick to my stomach did anyone get paid

    brian johnson, md.

  • Jo
      17th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    i've talk to everyone you can think
    dan brault, johanna, kristin casstta she's the CEO, also john chalmers
    steve ross also one of the owners .. megan bond lets not forget my asr
    delha caride they are all covering for each other, never the truth
    level 1 maitenance is a fraud, facility maint. is who they contract throw, i work exxon idle sites for 8 mnths only paid twice they owe me little over $6, 000.00 we need a class action suite force them all out of buis. we do all the work and they get rich .

  • Jo
      19th of Nov, 2010
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    level 1 sucks .

  • Jo
      19th of Nov, 2010
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  • Jo
      19th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    well let see, today nov. 19, 2010 just talked to Steve Ross from level1maint. he call me, he went on to tell me the co. was broke due to FM not paying them, what does Facility Maint. have to do with what level 1 owes me ?, steve told me that FM stopped paying them a few weeks ago, but level 1 stopped paying me 5 months ago their so ignorant, they can't even keep up with there lies, so i called FM right after i got off the phone with level1 they said, i will look into what is going on, thats bull too, i was told that all exxon properties were sold to either Alliance properties or South Side Oil co. who care's who owns what ! i just am so tired of the lie's, i'm broke, it was a long extremely hot season, i spent $1800.00 out my own pocket for fuel and maint. materials i can't even get that back, i need a good lawyer to sue these people, if the money don't come soon this will be a bad christmas. this is my phone # 240-694-8575 i would like to talk to anyone who is interested in filing criminal charges against level 1 people, this is not a civil matter no more it criminal because they do this to everyone that works for them, in business i know sometimes people get behind on payment but these people are behind when you contract from them knowing their not going to try to pay you at labor ...thanks for reading, Brian.

  • Sa
      21st of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    Santa Cruz Landscape and Maintenance has been attempting to contact Kristen Cosetta for months. We are told by all the reps that she is the only one we can talk to and that they can't talk about accounts payable. First, she's on vacation and then she never returns any phone calls. We been through numerous customer service reps who are told to not answer any questions about money owed to our company. We have not been paid since March this year and are owed over $2000.00. We maintain two Blockbusters in Santa Cruz, California and have jumped through all the hoops Level One asks of us. It sounds like the rest of you have gotten farther then us. We can't seem to get any phone calls returned and emails remain unanswered. We've paid our employees and all the materials out of pocket and Level One doesn't pay. We are ready to contact our Business Lawyer.

  • Mg
      1st of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    These guys are the BOA of landscaping. Crooks, liars, etc. When u set up contracts u can get all the help u need, but when questions arise for payments no one answers. Im not out as much as alot of other people, so for that wheeew! Im only out $210, not $6, 0000 or more . ANY ONE READING THIS DON'T TAKE THE BAIT! How the company workers sleep at night is beyond me. They are a non-violent maffia, but are very violent to my checkbook and others. Spread the word on your local Craigslist Rants and Raves to protect any other local guys from getting wacked!

  • Ba
      10th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    I did work for them starting in April and have not been paid a dime. All I get is the run around. I am owed almost $2000 and am getting ready to take legal action, including trying to flie leins on all of the properties I serviced. I am all for a class action lawsuit, I have the perfect lawyer to handle it if anyone wants to get in on it. Barksdale Landscaping, VA

  • Ja
      11th of Dec, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I worked for level 1 also AT Exxon in southhaven, ms. and west memphis, As. LEVEL ONE DO Not PAY . PAY OUT ON 45 DAYS . they will not e- mail you back, no phone calls ! they owned for at least six month of pay . they away say something wrong with your files, Ins., or w-9 form. AS a new or small company it is a major set back. Give me your feed back Jay

  • Gr
      14th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    Level 1 Maintenance owes my company, Ground Effects Lanscaping, over $3, ooo for work dating back to August and we are having the exact same problems. No return calls, emails and they all cover for each other. However, the sites that we stopped servicing due to non-payment are still be serviced, so Level 1 continues to promise to pay people without doing so. We were told that our contract prohibits us filing a lawsuit or claim while they make a good faith effort to get the money from Blockbuster, but are interested in a class action lawsuit. This is theft.

    Ground Effects Landscaping Arlington, TX

  • Ms
      10th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    Dale Eber, please see information below regarding the character of Dale Eber

    Thompson-Thompson & O'Neal, LLC Aka Affordable Waterproofing & Foundation Repair
    2609 W. Central Ave Toledo, OH 43606
    Toledo Ohio 43606
    Phone: 419-476-5325

    Affordable Waterproofing


    Affordable Contracting Solutions


    Affordable Foundations


    Skills Training Center


    Glass City Home Inspections

    This company and all of the other names that it operates under are owned by Dale Eber.

    Dale's brother Gary Eber works at this company and acts as an owner, when in fact, he has no real documented ownership in the company at all. This company is a Single Owner LLC registered to Dale Eber.

    Ever since January 1, 2008 - Gary Eber has done nothing but spend his time trying to dig up dirt on another waterproofing company in the Toledo area. Gary is a certified home inspector but does not perform any home inspections. He gives all leads for home inspections to another person that is not affiliated with the company at all. There are literally THOUSANDS of dollars of yellow pages advertising out there and Gary Eber generates NO REVENUE from these advertisements. Advertisements which he created financial responsiblity for in his brother's name - Dale Eber.

    Gary Eber, since January 1, 2008 - has been in charge of the waterproofing division, the skills training center (which was a joke) and the home inspection division - which he does nothing with.

    The home improvement division of this company was handled by Mike and Ron. SInce January 1, 2008, the home improvement division has carried the expenses for the entire company - all divisions - because Gary Eber's divisions produced NOTHING!

    Gary Eber is a very violent and angry man - who takes his frustrations out on everybody around him. There have been MANY meetings scheduled by the owner, Dale Eber, where he would request reports and documentation on the activites of his company, or companies. Each time that there was a meeting scheduled, Mike and Ron would have all requested reports ready for Dale, but Gary Eber would have NOTHING ready. Instead, Gary would find a reason to start a fight with the other employees cuasing Dale to leave the building - and the meeting would NEVER happen. Gary Eber is excellent at producing a diversion so that his brother Dale, doesn't get the chance to hold Gary Eber accountable for the reports that were supposed to be delivered.

    After several months of the finances in the company being very thin, due to the home improvement division carrying the WHOLE comany, Dale got the idea that he would seperate the companies by moving the home improvement division to another location and basically divorcing himself from his brother Gary Eber.

    By the middle of April, Dale had found another office to move the home improvement division to. He signed a 3 year lease for an office in Maumee. We were to move into that office by May 1, 2008. Due to some construction delays, that did not happen. While we were waiting to move into that office, Gary Eber was, daily, causing arguments and fights with all of the employees associated with the home improvement division.

    On Wednesday, May 14, 2008, Gary Eber told us that the alarm codes had been chaged and that by Friday, he wanted us to move into the new office. He was told that it was not ready yet, Gary did not care. Dale was told about this action by his brother, Gary, and Dale was not happy about this at all.

    Dale finally had enough of this. Dale told us to meet him on the morning of May 15, 2008 at 7:30 am to move the things out of the office we needed to operate in the other office, in Maumee. We were able to have everything moved by 9:00am.

    We moved everything into the new office into the garage area, becuase the offices were not done yet. The contractor had finally finished the offices by the end of the day that Friday. Ron and Mike spent that whole weekend getting everything in place to be operational on Monday May 19, 2008.

    Dale had scheduled a meeting with an attorney for May 20, 2008 to discuss how to get rid of his brother Gary Eber and hold Gary accountable for all the financial debt that he had created in Dale's name. The other purpose of this meeting was to discuss how to incorporate the Affordable Contracting name and make the parterns be Dale, Mike and Ron.

    During the next couple weeks, Mike and Ron were trying to tell Dale, every time he would visit the Maumee office, that even through the split had happened with the different divisions, we still needed operating capitol to function. Dale kept telling us to go out and get more deposits. We explained to Dale that this would not work. We had been collecting deposits all along, and becuase Gary Eber had biils that he had to pay, the deposits were used for that instead of ordering product for customer jobs.

    Dale told us to stop worrying about Gary Eber's bills and just "make it work". We explained to him that we needed him to put some money into the business account so that we could "make it work".

    Dale told us that he would take care of it.

    On May 27, 2008 - Dale's accountant requested a a report for all checks written and all deposits made from January 1, 2008 to the current date of May 27, 2008. We produced that report for Dale - from the Maumee office where we were all still working.

    We were working in that office until Friday, May 30, 2008. That was our last day in that office. On Monday, June 2, 2008, Ron and Mike went over to talk to Dale about the money he promised, and he said that there was not going to be any money and that he was closing his doors and filing bankruptcy on all the customer jobs out there.

    This is what was outstanding -

    9 customer jobs
    Contracts amounts totalling - $62097.00
    Deposit amounts totalling - $30458.00
    Material Cost to complete these jobs - $ 16769.00
    Balance owed on the 9 projects - $31639.00

    Dale did not care - he said he was closing up shop and walking away. So, as of June 2, 2008 - all the people that worked in the Maumee office were out of a job.

    Gary Eber has been telling people that Ron and Mike took all these deposits from customers. This is NOT TRUE. The deposits can be verified through the business checking account that the company has.

    Also, on June 11, 2008, Gary Eber thought it would be a good idea to send a letter out to all the employees that worked in the Maumee office telling them that they were fired on May 17, 2008. How can this be when were worked in the Maumee office up until May 30, 2008? Vendors, credit accounts, pizza deliveries for lunch, inspectors and Dale Eber himself were in the Maumee office during the last 2 weeks of May. Obviously a lie by Gary Eber.

    There is even proof of deposits being made all the way through May 22, 2008 into the business checking account by Mike that Ron had brought in from a customer. How could this have happened if we were fired on May 17, 2008?

    The reason that Dale and Gary are telling these lies, is so that Dale can walk away from all financial repsonsibility.

    On April 23, 2008 - Dale Eber paid Mike $1985.00 for the design of this website. As of July 8, 2008, Dale somehow managed to get a refund for the amount to paid to Mike for his services. So, this website no longer belongs to Dale Eber. This is why you are seeing this information on here.

    My purpose here is to educate the customer as to the true character of these 2 individuals - DaleEber and Gary Eber.

    Other websites of interest affiliated with this company:

    Toledo, Ohio

  • Ms
      10th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    Johnson Famiily Lawn Care has been paid in full.

  • Le
      18th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    I disagree that you have not been paid, below is a listing of all payments made to date:
    Full Name: Beck Lawn Service
    Date Type Num Memo Amount
    02/14/2011 Bill Payment (Check) 74822 $240.00
    01/28/2011 Bill Payment (Check) 74301 $720.00
    01/13/2011 Bill Payment (Check) 73875 $720.00
    12/29/2010 Bill Payment (Check) 73649 $240.00
    12/29/2010 Bill Payment (Check) 73648 $240.00
    12/22/2010 Bill Payment (Check) 73494 $1, 920.00
    12/22/2010 Bill Payment (Check) 73493 $480.00
    10/25/2010 Bill Payment (Check) 73141 $480.00
    10/01/2010 Bill Payment (Check) 73054 $480.00
    09/23/2010 Bill Payment (Check) 72908 $720.00

  • Jo
      4th of May, 2011
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    so i see the ### still flows in mass. with the level 1 ### the way JOHNSON FAMILY LAWNCARE has not been payed in full someone owes me 800.00 American dollars stop all the cry baby bull ### !!! and lets get some people payed ...thanks MR. B.

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