Les Schwab Tire Centersimproper diagnosis

I took my vehicle to Les Schwab, located on Pacific Hwy in Des Moines, WA, on 11/17/18 to diagnose an issue I was having, prior to leaving for a road trip for Thanksgiving. I informed the guy at the counter that my vehicle was making a wobbly sound from the rear. I asked if I possibly needed new tires or a rotation. After waiting for approximately 3 hours, which was expected since I was a walk-in, I was informed the tires were fine and that only one was out of balance. Since they didn't inform me of any other issues, I assumed my car was fine to make the 1400 mile drive to California. We set out on our journey on 11/20/18. During the trip, the situation got worse, where the noise was extremely loud and the car started to shake. Upon our arrival to California, I took my vehicle to Midas on San Pablo in El Cerrito, CA. They informed me of the real problem, which would've resulted in my tire coming completely off, if the situation wasn't corrected. I was mortified that my family could've been hurt due to the oversight by Les Schwab. I've always considered this to be a reputable business and had planned to purchase tires when the time came. Because of this experience, I will never trust a Les Schwab dealer to work on my vehicle again. I should've known something was up, when the guy that checked my vehicle, couldn't look me in the eye when my keys were returned. I just wanted someone to know the level of service and care that's being provided at this location. Luckily things went well in my situation, but it could've been worse and resulted in a costly lawsuit for your business.

Nov 28, 2018

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