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I too came across these scammers via an ad on facebook and thought I only had the p&p at most to lose. After 6 working days I started to wonder where my products were so I googled them and found this and another forums all about them and how they get you on their "small print". Luckily it's within two weeks since I ordered so I have been on to my bank to cancel my debit card and order a new one and this isn't enough to cancel their payments but it will stop them using my card details for anything else so I also contacted the direct debit team who are all too aware of this company. They said I'd informed them in good time and that should any payments come out of my account then I will be fully refunded and they will be charged for attempting to do so.
It has to be totally against the law what they are doing as the link to their ts and cs is not plain to see as it's a tiny greyed out line embedded at the bottom of the page when they should be highlighted before you go to pay.
I have sent them a scathing cancellation email to the address in their ts and cs and I've only told them I've cancelled my debit card but not told them I've informed my bank, maybe they'll deduce from that that I have told them but if not then let them be charged coz it's less than they deserve!!!
Thank god I came across these forums. Thanks peeps

Jan 25, 2015

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