Leon's Brampton / Coffee table broken received twice

1 Brampton, ON, Canada
Contact information:

Order no 061070GWBKS

It is very harassing and disappointing to see the service of such a big brand LEONS.

I today 2nd time received coffee table and it's more broken then before one.
Order no.
I fail to understand that why the things are not checked before shipping out of warehouse.

Now all the cardboard, thermocol and plastic is scattered in my house.

I will escalate this matter to highest level of Management in Leons and will make sure no one does the same mistake to buy from Leons and feel this kind of harassement and disappointment.

My wife have to take off from work to receive the delivery and we wasted our time and effort's to install it to found its broken again.

The broken table should be picked up today only from my home as I cannot bear this anymore.

Attached is the pics of today's delivered coffee table.


Leon's Brampton
Leon's Brampton

Jun 21, 2017

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