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Leo / Wants something for nothing

1 United States

He's a financial educator alright. I am a Mechanical Turker working through Turkers accept from requesters and work for pennies on the dollar, complete the task, and resubmit through Amazon. Requesters then pay Amazon which in turn pays us.
When a turker accepts a hit, no one else can work on it and once submitted it goes through amazon back to the requester. Leo Quinn want to have broken links fixed in a pdf document, so I accepted the sit and made sure every link worked. I resubmitted work back through amazon and emailed Leo Quinn what actions were taken.
He emailed me (something that rarely happens) and ask that I resent the work through his aol email. A red flag should have gone up for me then.
At amazon Leo quinn rejected my work telling me he asked another turker to redo the task which is not true, because a turker only has access to a requester after the work hit has been accepted but requesters so not have access to individual turkers. A turker can only contact a requester through an anonymous email service on amazon's site.
So, I am out my time and money because this so called financial expert and motivational speaker was out to get something for nothing.
I fear for the people that buy into his ploy buy my ebook and get five others all for $97.00. "You can save hundreds of dollars per year with one simple phone call. Watch and see how easy it can be" (taken from his site)

Leo Quinn is just another scam artist out to give you nothing for your hard earned dollars. You can watch his kind all night on cable TV, do not fall for it people.


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