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LensCrafters / false charity program

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I have spent hundreds on glasses, sunglasses, etc. at Lens Crafters over the years. Recently I had an economic downturn and needed help getting new glasses. Lens Crafters touted a charity program called "Gift of Sight Program". A person needed a prescription and a letter from a non profit with their tax ID number on it.

Fine. But, I am finding it impossible to get a non profit to send a blank recommendation with their number on it without knowing at least the ball park figure of the donation. Lens Crafters will not put an amount of the donation verbally or in writing, making it impossible for the non profit to back the donation in their records. Isn’t this illegal?

The manager was rude, condescending, and I am very upset at even trying to get help from this sham of a charity program.


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  12th of Oct, 2008
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you can ask for a voucher with the lenscrafters letterhead when the service is provided. the nonprofit orgs should accept the voucher. also, there should be a head coordinator at the npo that should contact the gift of sight coordinator at the lenscrafters. to be honest, lots of lenscrafters dont like doing the gift of sight customers because they get a lot of ###s who treat the workers like crap even though they dont pay a cent for their glasses.
  20th of Oct, 2008
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I run a nonprofit senior center in Torrance, Ca and I have had nothing but good experiences with LensCrafters both personally and professionally with my organization. We are working on a partnership to get our low income clients served for glasses. Just because you personally had a bad experience doesn't make it a 'sham'. These programs are for individuals who have connected with local non-profits searching out assistance. A nonprofit that has no idea who you are cannot in good faith submit an application for you when you have no history with them. We have these criterias in play to avoid abuse from vendors and clients. I'm sorry about your luck, but try connecting with a resource center in the area that can help.
  17th of Mar, 2009
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Lenscrafters Gift of Sight is a wonderful program that caters not only the third world countries but other countries also like Africa, etc. They are the biggest Eye Industries partnered with the Lion's International to bring sight to those who can't afford. Every year Staffs all over the continent bring this sight to those people who can appreciate charity. For you, it is unfortunate that you didn't like the service. I suggest you visit other Optical Outlet. There is always other ways. Good luck!!
  9th of Jun, 2009
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Also the Gift of Sight (now called OneSight) cannot help those who have insurance of any sort except the medicaid for adults 18 and up. Most nonprofits are schools and community services that help those who cannot help themselves alot of times an economic downturn does not qualifiy yo for free glasses. Also just because you have purchased glasses at LensCrafters does not mean you get a jump on others!
  21st of Jul, 2009
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First of all, don't knock one of the ONLY companies who offerd free frames, lenses and labor. The program is awesome and nobody's "entitled" to a free pair. The point of the program is to offer free eyewear to those who are referred by an outside agency who feels new glasses are important fo their daily lives. The program is NOT designed for people to feel they need free glasses, to then set out and find someone to refer them.
  26th of Jul, 2009
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It's not fair to call the program a sham simply because you couldn't get your end of the bargain straight, OR because you didn't like the manager's attitude. Complain all you want, but don't call the program a sham. It's certainly not. I would suggest contacting your local Lion's Club. They work well with Lenscrafters. I don't know what their qualifications are, but again, you shouldn't expect either side to just blindly give you a free pair of glasses. Do a more diligent job of finding out what you need.
  19th of Sep, 2009
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Does the nonprofit who wrote the letter recommending me get billed for the labor from Lenscrafters? Or does Lenscrafters consider this a charitable activity and just absorbs the frames and labor involved?

I ask this because my church is small, 200 members, so does not have much in terms of financial resources. But it still wrote a letter on my behave asking Lenscrafters to help me with this glasses program. I have a 6 month old Walmart eyeglasses prescription which I'll present. So that part should be covered.

I just don't want my church to be billed for a pair of eyeglasses and labor from Lenscrafters.
  11th of Dec, 2009
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Lenscrafters covers the entire charge. They simply use the nonprofit agency as a referral agency so that they are not responsible for deciding who is and is not entitled to the glasses.
  29th of Apr, 2010
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The Gift of Sight, now known as One Sight, is one of the greatest eyeglass programs in the world. It provides children and adults worldwide with free eye exams and eyeglasses who otherwise could not afford it. I am a proud Luxottica employee and I have personally witnessed many people helped by this organization. It is an honor to work with One Sight and I hope one day to be a part of one of their many missions both domestic and abroad. If you are truly in need of their services and you're uninsured contact your local Blind Association or Lion's Club. Don't trash a wonderful organization for your own ignorance!!
  29th of Nov, 2010
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Generally what happens with one sight, is a non-profit (take for example lions club) faxes in a letter of recomendation to the manager of the local lenscrafters. The letter needs to have: the tax id of that location, the name of the pt (you) and the fact that you do not have insurance or medicare/medicaid. Next we look it over and give a call back to the coordinator or to the pt and set up a time for your exam. We foot the whole cost of the exam. You get to then chose out a frame that has been donate to us and a plastic lens. We make it up and give it you, and your on your way. We handle all costs, not the non-profit, so there's NOTHING illegal.

This is a ONE TIME DEAL so take it when you need it most. Also, legally they are not able to give you your rx from this exam, so don't expect to recieve one (as it was a gift to you).
  29th of Nov, 2010
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Donn your church won't be charged. Just talk to your church and have them go through like I wrote above and you should be on your way to getting the services.

Hope your at least more appreciative of our generous service than the author!! :)

We don't get any money off any onesight either so the people who do your exam should be thanked, not cranked at...
  20th of Feb, 2011
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Have the same issue with the store I work at. We have BAD CHEMICALS in the bathroom, and we aren't going to handle liabilities if some idiot customer decides to drink it.
  7th of Aug, 2011
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LensCrafters - lens
Machesney Park
United States

i paid good money for scratch proof lenses and it has been one year since i had them. now the film on the lens is pealing of and they sad theres nothing they could do . they all so sad it could happened by leaving them on the car dash board from the heat of the sun . the scratch proof is a big scam if you ask me they cant even tell me how it could happen and its not there problem .
  7th of Aug, 2011
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they don't want to talk if you have a complaint only if your going to spend more money
  2nd of Sep, 2011
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LensCrafters - Awful customer treatment
United States

I had an exam at LensCrafters in LA. When it came time to buy glasses, the guy who was helping me was told to go home because this company was trying to save CASH by reducing hours. The two remaining employees had an argument over who had to help me.
  12th of Oct, 2011
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Unless a coating begins to come off of your lenses within the first month or so, it is probably of your own actions causing the coating to peel. Judging by the quality of your post, I would assume you failed to handle the cleaning of your lenses properly. Perhaps you should try caring for your next pair of lenses a bit better and they will last you much longer.
  11th of Mar, 2015
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I work with Social Services and my job entails working with low income families. I do referrals to other agencies on a daily basis and have done many referrals to this program. One thing people keep commenting about is this is a "Free" program to get FREE eye glasses. Correctly identified is the fact that people can qualify for free glasses, however, there is a $40 fee for the eye exam that the client is responsible to pay. In order to qualify, you must have very limited to zero income and have no other way to pay for the eye exam and glasses, also must not have insurance. This charitable organization or program is not a sham, and not all low income individuals qualify. So, if you were denied a referral, there must be a reason. Our agency is only allowed to refer no more than two people per month, so we are told to be very conservative with our referrals. This program has been very helpful to many!
  25th of Jul, 2015
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I have had a mental disorder for 20 years. I do not have much money, so I was referred to my local government agency. They have been working diligently to get me a new pair of glasses. We tried a local Lenscrafters for their OneSight program. The lady was nice enough, but she had a quite limited selection of frames. I also found out that I would have plastic lenses. The bifocals would have lines in them as well. We are going to try another Lenscrafters. However, there is another option for me apparently whereby a local organization will give me a one-time donation for the full cost of glasses. They are so expensive, I hesitate to go that route tho. Apparently a person can also try Costco or Walmart or America's Best for a lower price. Also, an optician told me one time that plastic frames have to be adjusted more than metal frames.
I have to say, I have ALWAYS appreciated Lenscrafters and I am very grateful that they provide this service to provide good eyesight to people who probably have not been able to see for years.
For the record, in another area of my state, an eyeglass store gave me metal frames, glass Crizal (high-index) lenses with no lines and progressive bifocals (no lines). I knew they were a wonderful place, but now I realize just how wonderful and classy they were!
  25th of Jan, 2016
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Had a bad experience with King Family Vision, the optometrist who rents space at Old Saybrook CT Lenscrafters. Had appointment for OneSight eye exam to get glasses. Been walking around with glasses with huge crack longitudinally down left lens. Have Gorilla-glued every single part of these glasses together, including lenses, frames, etc. wrapped wire around temples and coated with glue to keep earpieces on. Obviously, I'm not doing well financially. Got a referral for OneSight program and was going to go to Old Saybrook to get the eye exam and glasses. When person from King Family Vision thought I had no insurance to cover eye exam, they were going to do it free of charge, and they said they have to give people the very first morning appointment, which would been pretty hard for me. Then the woman said she thought I DID have coverage under my Medicare w/ state supplement, even though I had been told I did not. So then she told me I could come for exam WHENEVER I WANTED. Hmmm... So if it's free, they give you appointment nobody wants, but otherwise, you get to choose. Then the day of the appointment, my horrible car just fell apart. Had to call and cancel appointment and woman from King Family Optical let out this audible sigh when I told her, designed for my benefit, obviously, to make me feel guilty that my car broke down. Then she told me they had 24 hour cancellation policy, to try to make me feel worse for having a car that broke down. She told me to call back and reschedule when I had transportation again. Since I felt like I might run the risk of running afoul of their 24 hour cancellation policy if I tried to make it there in the future in my broken down car, I decided to try to make it to the appointment, as I still would've been only 8 minutes late. When I called back to say I was going to come, this same woman told me they had already rescheduled my appointment with SOMEBODY ELSE. So much for all the guilt tripping about me missing it originally and the lectures about 24 hour cancellation policies!!! They filled that puppy up the minute I cancelled. So, she actually expected me to believe this. Then while I was on phone with her, already driving on the highway since I was going to try to make original appointment a bit late, I told her I got the feeling she was annoyed at me and then she wasn't trying to hide it, for canceling original appointment, etc. She denied it, of course. I asked for her supervisor's name, and she told me, but I got it wrong because I have a hearing problem and my car is loud. I tried to repeat the name I thought she had said, but I had gotten it wrong, thinking she has said "Kate" something. She somewhat sarcastically repeated the name I had said, replying, "Kate!? The manager is a man", instead of just politely repeating the manager's name so I understood it, or spelling it out, etc. The phone call just got worse and worse, she supposedly went to look for the manager, and then got back on the phone and told me he had just left, which I didn't even believe at that point, since she had been so snarky during my too phone calls with her already. I expressed my disbelief that the manager had just left, thinking she was just afraid of getting in trouble, and without telling me, she handed the call off to somebody else. By then i was pretty mad, and the other woman listened for quite awhile as I rambled on about how I felt being treated the way I was by the other woman. She did give me her own name when I asked and told me I could call the manager the following day, which I did not do. She also told me I could still come in for an appointment, which I was not about to do after the way I'd been treated by the other employee. She also told me they don't charge for missed appointments with their 24 hour cancellation policy, therefore I questioned why they even had one and why the other woman had even brought it up, particularly since I told her my car was pouring out anti-freeze which was why I had originally called to cancel. All in all a REALLY BAD experience with King Family Vision at the Old Saybrook, CT Lenscrafters.

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