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Lens Flare / Wedding photos and video

1 Pretoria, South Africa
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Your wedding day should be your most memorable day EVER...hassle free from start to end as well as after...boy, did we have a ride, well basically we are still riding….
We got married in March 2016 and even to this day we are struggling with the photographers we hired., Lens Flare. They are just after your money and are not there to assist at all. Long story short...they took the photos and video of my cousin and that is where I knew that the specific service they offer, is what we want. With all suppliers/companies, they issued us with a quote and contract. From our side, we did EVERYTHING the contract stipulated (paid in time, send all necessary name lists of family photos to be taken etc etc.).
As a bride, a week before the wedding, you can start to breath normally again - knowing that you paid everyone, you checklist is done and you did everything in your power to make sure everything runs smooth on the special day (there is only so much you can do, since you basically leave everything in other's hands and hope and pray they live up to your standards). A few points that caused headaches for us…….and still do…
Apart from the above, they stated in their "contract" - which basically means nothing...that we have to cater for four of their staff on the day of the wedding (we did not have a problem with this, since this comes standard). We then made provision for 2 x photographers and 2 x videographers as they have stated. A week or so before the wedding, after all the suppliers were already paid in full and finalized, I asked them for the gender of these 4 staff members, since we have gender related thank you gifts. They informed me that it will be 4 x male and 1 x female. 5 staff members - what happened to the 4 ?????? One extra...if I didn't ask, one of them wouldn't have had a place to sit or eat...seriously. Not only that, for those who planned a wedding before……R300 at the time seems like nothing, but multiply it by 150…hmmm. We had to pay for that extra person R300. By that time you scrape all the rands and cents you have….I was livid.
I sent the list of names for the family photos to be taken. What happened...they DID NOT have the list with them and when they told me, I almost cried...there and then you have to get all your ducks in a row trying to remember whose names you've put on the list and in what order. They only took 14/54 family photos - majority was group photos... where one was definitely not a family photo. The album is another story. They did sent me 16 page photos as "proof" for the album...never saying anything else. I assumed they wanted me to approve the quality etc. They basically just added a few extra sheets of photos and that was the album...NEVER PASSED IT BY US...informing or asking how many photos we wanted in the album. They took over 500 photos, but all together only 81 photos in the album. I don't have a photo with my sisters, I don't have one with my mother in law, brother in law etc. None of the important photos were taken. Why not...???? Because they didn't have the list with them - the one I spent an hour working on. At one stage the photographers claimed that there was not any time left for family photos, but the MC came and said we were on time – still 30 minutes left to take photos…..but they didn’t. At that point, in your wedding dress you don’t want to fight …..they just ignored me. There is two photos of my father in the album…….one where you basically don’t even see him and the other one if very blurry. I can carry on an on.
As for the video taken...we especially decided to make use of Lens Flare, because of the video's they make with your own music you choose (any song of your choice). Six months before the wedding their policy with regards to that are not allowed to use your own songs anymore. They did not say a word. It would have been nice, when their policy changed, to have informed the clients about this, but they didn't. If they did, we would have told them that this is not what we are paying for and would have chosen another company to do our wedding photos/videos. I wanted to send the names of the songs to them a week before the wedding, as per their "contract", but they said (knowing that the policy changed), to only send it after the wedding - she will inform me about the date. What happened...I automatically send her our personal chosen 8 songs to her, after the wedding...she replied and said, "sorry, our policy changed and we are not allowed to use any song anymore -we will use our discretion on classical music"... my eyes were pouring...whaaat???????? I think it took about 700 telephone calls from my husband, 300 from me and about 10 000 emails all together to request for what we paid for and asked for.
We tried to be civil and asked them to have a face-to-face meeting. They did not even try to assist. They are trying to be clever by saying that they used their discretion the whole time and that we are at fault. Seriously????? We are so tired of fighting. After our meeting with them, we expressed our feelings and informed them that we are still not satisfied. Even though they owe us, we are on the verge of just showing them the finger and using someone else to re-do our wedding album.
I can carry on the whole day, but it is not worth it…..they are not worth it.

All we want is for the company to re-do our wedding albums the way we WANT them and that is what we originally paid for.

Nov 21, 2016

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