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Leisure Time Warehouse / Scam

1 75 Lafayette RdHampton, NH, United States Review updated:

To whom it may concern

In March 2007 I made a large purchase of $13, 000 at Leisure Time Warehouse in Hampton NH. To make a long story short, I was scammed of $4995 – I never received a gazebo. Further, one item that was given to me was defective (a sauna), since the owner, Laine Chase, had stated that it was an indoor sauna, and I could put in outside, as he would build me a rubber roof. Well, he never did, so it got ruined in the rain. My husband bought it back to him, along with the makeshift gazebo he “temporarily” gave me until mine came in (which I think he had no intention of doing – I think he thought I’d take a cheap one and forget about the more expensive one I ordered!)

Upon the return of these items, my husband reports Laine became very aggressive, yelling and screaming, and taking pictures of the sauna, blaming us, stating it was nowhere in writing about the rubber roof. He told us that we’ll now never get the gazebo, but gave us a credit slip of $1300.00. To this day I haven’t been able to retrieve this credit.

Yes, I would love the 4995.00 back but at this point would be grateful for the 1300. I have disputed with my credit card company, and have had my attorney try to retrieve the money to no avail. I was ready to take him to small claims court, but he filed bankruptcy which affected this decision, as well as getting any help from the attorney general. Further, every time I dispute the 1300, he sends a copy of the original sales slip that I signed. There, at the bottom, unbeknownst to me, it says that I received all the items at the time of sale. Obviously buying a hottub, sauna, and gazebo in March, I wouldn’t have received all these items in one day. I hadn’t realized what I was signing- he had kept me at the store for over three hours and I hastly signed, eager to get out of there, never imagining the disaster that awaited!

Thus, at this point, I was wondering if there is anything I can do to at least get back the 1300 credit he owes me, and if I had any chance of retiring the full 4995 that I was scammed with from him. He is a very difficult man to work with – having been disrespectful to myself, husband, mother, brother and lawyer. To be honest, I am afraid of him – he appears to have a psychiatric disorder (I’m a psychotherapist). .

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  • Sk
      28th of Aug, 2009
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    I worked for this schmuck a few years ago. In short...He invited me and the wife to his oceanfront home in beverly Ma, wined me wined me made me feel like a friend, convinced me to co-sign a lease, said he would have it paid back in a year. I though ok no big deal. So he got a new Hummer H2, then only paid for it when he wanted to, so I got a lawyer, a sherriff and a repo guy, and reposessed it from his drive way. It got auction off, leaving me with a 9000 dollar charge off on my credit.
    This guy lives in the courts. The last time I checked, he had 39 attachments to one of his homes. Someday, this pig will piss off the wrong guy, and be at the receiving end of a colt 45.

  • Co
      12th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    I agree totally. This lying thief is nothing but trouble. Anyone smart should stay away from this animal.

  • Ci
      24th of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    What is scariest is that this guy and his equally sociopathic wife are corporate officers of 'Kids Incorporated' a company that owns a day care center, Fox Hill School, in Danvers...He is listed as the treasurer, Lisa Chase as President.
    Beware to all parents who might think of sending their kids here and letting this guy get hold of their financials.
    Also, beware to the maybe unsuspecting people who will actually be doing the work at Fox Hill.
    Scary stuff.

  • Sc
      31st of Aug, 2011
    0 Votes

    i worked for him for over a year as his so called billiards manager, i remember the gazebo because i and the other guy derek that worked there did the delivery and set up. i had him constantly scamming us out of money and after i had a stroke and couldn't work for him anymore, i found out that he had been stealing money out of our checks claiming that the paycheks were written wrong and he'd fix it and then he'd pay us in cash claiming the "yes i am taking taxes out". guess what, he wasn't.. he knew how much the government would take out and so he'd pocket that amount. when i got pissed cuz i never got a w2 he claimed that i was stealing from him and he'd have me arrested. i never ever stole a single thing from him and i felt sorry for most of his customers. he now has a new store in salem called the backyard depot. he has scammed the guys he buys hot tubs from along with companies that sell him the pool tables, it was common practice to tell customers they were getting new items and then have me and derek disassemble the floor models and deliver those since he very rarely had extra of the ones he would sell. he was always robbing peter to pay paul. i still have people telling me about how much of a ### he is.

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