Leisure / Unauthorized charges

1 102 Grove AVe, Lindale, GA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 706 235 5740

BEWARE ! BEWARE ! It seems these companies "piggyback " off other companies and charge small amounts like 14.95 or 6.99 as to avoid detection . If you catch them right away you may be able to stop them but, most likely you will have to cancel your card and obtain a new number before these charges will stop . They charged me 14.95 x's 2 that's $30 a month since Feb. of 09 . Because I have set up automatic bill payment with certain bills I didn't detect it until recently . When I called them they could not tell me how they received my number or name . They said they could reverse the charges back 4 months but from the other complaints I have read several other's were told the same thing but, never received the credit . My advice only use reliable companies that use paypal or secure payment methods ! I am so saddened that in such a terrible economic climate that consumers have to worry about scam artist taking advantage of the people just trying to stay afloat . Let's hope our government takes some kind of action to stop these deplorable practices !!!

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