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I lived at Leisure Manor for five years and the following are things that I have experienced or experienced with and friend and myself. I was elected President of the Leisure Manor Resident Council and tried to bridge the gap between residents and staff. This went from 1/1/12 – 9/21/12 when I was able to move to benefit my health. I have had problems along with other residents, but when you go to the staff they just say you must talk to the Administrator. You tell the Administrator and you get the famous quote “that is a personal problem take care of it yourself.” Rules are not enforced on every person. In fact the Administrator told me she was informed during some meetings that she went to, that they can not enforce any rule. A couple of days ago one man tried to settle things on his own and took a knife to another. One had to have nine stitches and the other I am not sure of. But HUD promises us a save place to live.

During the time I was there, there were two women that got evicted for threatening others with guns. Things are missing from apartments when only the resident and staff have a key. The lock on the door had been changed after the other resident that lived in the apartment moved out. There has been food missing from the kitchen and things missing from their thrift shop. One time I was helping a friend who was very ill and I called 911 for her. A deputy sheriff came and a resident let him in the side door. Then the ambulance showed up and another resident let them in. I also was told that one of the staff was standing by the window which is about two feet from the door and she would not open the door for emergency personnel. I was informed later that unless the resident calls the office or pulls the emergency cord, the staff does not have to get involved. Another time a gentleman knocked on a resident staff door, and told her his friend need an ambulance. This staff person said she was not on duty and closed her door. This gentleman then came to my door for help. This gentleman can not see well enough to dial a phone. The best is yet to come.

A lady of color tried to get approved to move in for about eight months. She had to go through a lot. When she was told to come in and sign her paperwork, there was a person not of color who said, is she moving in? There won’t be room for the rest of us. This lady that moved in received notes under her door that read we don’t want you here ###, notes that called her a ###. There were even people using the n word to her face or saying it when she was around. I complained to the office. I had a meeting with the Administrator and the CEO, V.P. for the company. The CEO, V.P. told me that when people hear words they do not like, they should remove themselves from the area. I could not even get a letter sent out to residents to say this behavior will no longer be tolerated. I know this counts as discrimination that the staff does not want to deal with. This is not the only way it is done at this facility. There are also a lot of lies that are told by some of the staff.

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      Aug 01, 2017

    Hi I remain anonymous but I too experience bad treatment at leisure Manor my mother has a great heart and treats everyone with love and kindness an incident occurred to where my family was homeless and had very little money to find a place motels were expensive so my mother let us stay until we got on our feet heart of the matter is when she let the manager know of the situation she told my mother that it wasn't her problem and served her a three day notice. And just today she comes and hands my mother her rent back and verbally stated she was evicting my mother there is also a lot of racial favoritism it isn't right and it truly hurts cause my mother is a senior citizen she shouldn't have to be treated like this way... Please heed this message do not place your parent here it's horrible ...

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