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Leisure Link / Worst company I've ever worked with!

1 2555 E Colorado BlvdPasadena, CA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: (626) 696-4500

Thinking about getting a job at Leisure Link? Take the following things into account.

1) The CEO of the company, Erik Hovanec is quoted as saying (In regards to moving a company up through investment stages): "When you think about the talent that you have in the company, and the talent thats required to get people from the various stages of company from garage to angel to VC to VCB to VCC to ya know, Public, lets say. Its different talent along the way, its different skill sets that are required. And one of the things I think its been my observation that I don't think we do as aggressively as we could or should is really help the company understand that and place the right people in at the right time, and its not to say the people you you don't want to take care of the people who got you there but the person who gets you as your um ... I'll just pick one, your head of sales gets you into from garage to angel. Is probably not the guy who's gonna get you to VC or to VCB..."

Which is the nice way of saying: There is no upward movement within the company. It is the belief of the company to hire upper management instead of promoting current workers into higher positions. If you were to get an actual promotion while working at Leisure Link, you would be the first in over 2 years.

2) They almost have higher turnaround than retail jobs. I had worked there for only 6 months and had seniority over half the 50 employees in the office.

3) They are poorly organized. When hiring you they will tell you about "wearing many hats". What this is secret code for is that they will give you responsibilities that are way out of the realm of your original job description and expect you to be ready and trained to do this, and if you fail at doing this, or complain, you will receive a poor review, and you have a strong chance at being fired.

4) "Ghost Promotions" they will increase your responsibilities, and give you a new title, but not give you the respect or raise that should come with such a promotion.

5) If you complain, even in a polite, diplomatic way, you WILL be fired. In my time there, 4 people, including myself, were fired for complaining about the way they were treated by supervisors, an unreasonable work load, and more. Complaining includes asking for a raise as well, or questioning anything the company does. Anything that would make the company believe you are "not loyal enough" to the company.

6) Poor Benefits. They have 401k but do not Match. Their health insurance is mediocre at best. Many employees have better insurance through their spouses or through independent coverage.

7) A Deceitful, backstabbing environment. A joke around the office was that it was called "Survivor: Leisure Link". Everyone was going behind everyone else's backs trying to get people fired, or forming cliques, or other such immature, childish nonsense. There was one girl who worked as the receptionist, who tried to make a transfer to customer service. The Customer Service Lead wanted her in, but her current boss, the VP of Finance said "No we can't transfer her, we have plans for her." About a month and a half after continued trying for the transfer. The VP of Finance fired her. Some "plans" right?

So if you're looking for a career, LeisureLink is definitely not the place to go. If you're looking for a job to tide you over for less than a year, LeisureLink is tolerable. Barely. However, you'd probably be better off working Retail.

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  • Br
      12th of Feb, 2008
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    I agree with everything stated here. It is by far the worst company I ever worked with. The company's leaders have no respect for the employees and have been heard to state "everyone is disposable". How does that make you feel as employee? Sure, it may be true, but it's not a good way to promote a happy and healthy workplace. Another example of an unhealthy workplace would be the fear they try to instill when firing people. They make it very public and it's always a surprise - even to the employee getting fired! It makes everyone worry about if they're next. Ruling by being a stern leader is one thing, but they're not stern - they're two faced.

  • We
      12th of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    Absolutely agree with the other comment. Most of the time it comes as a real shock when someone is fired because they say nothing but nice things until its time to kick them out. In addition to that. They offer a lot of their terminated employees severence packages if they agree to sign a release that they will not say anything publicly about the comany and that they will not charge the company with anything, so that the public can not be warned.

  • An
      6th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    I agree with everything that has been said, but the worst thing about Leisurelink is the backstabbing that the employees do to each other. Really I when I leave work I want nothing to do with people here.

    As for Erik Hovanek may God punish him. Just a ugly person that has no leadership skills. He deserve to live a wretched life.

  • Ma
      11th of Apr, 2012
    0 Votes

    The problem with LeisureLink is the CEO has his MB from Harvard, and he let's this be known every chance he gets. His ego is huge but so fragile. He wants to (probably dreams it every night), be nationally recognized like a Mark Zuckerberg or something. The reality is it's a mediocre product (LeisureLink & MarketSpan) that would have folded years ago if not for the heavy financing and even bigger egos behind them. They're working on razor thin margins and will sell-out as soon as they trick the boys on Wall Street to letting them go public. I talked to a major player in this arena and he laughs at the LesiureLink bunch and has some very funny, inside stories that expose them big time.

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