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I had done a lot of research trying to get a reputable work at home website and came upon They advertise a one time only price of $49.99 with a money back guarantee in 56 days. They offer online chat where you are coerced into believing that they are an honest and reputable company. I was very impressed with what they were providing and I said to myself in any event I get my money back if I'm not satisfied. Being from Canada I had to pay $69.

When I signed up I was brought to their 'members only' website where they ave access to a bunch of bogus websites where you can sign up for jobs and surveys and get bounced around from website to website. You get nothing different from when you google sites for surveys etc.

Two days after I signed up one of their senior representatives called me to follow-up on whether the program is working for me if I need help. He went on to put me onto a junior person who would do an assessment with me to determine if I have what it takes to enter an Internship where only a few 'specially qualified' persons would be trained in special ways to make money online. After talking to me for about 30 mins he advised me that all it would take was an initial minimum investment of $2, 000 to $3, 000 dollars!!

I could not believe it. I am trying to make money. If I had that kind of money lying around I would not be online looking for a work at home job. Two days after trying to work with their 'member's only area' I decided to get me refund. I tried their online instant chat and was advised that I have to email support. I have been emailing support since and have not gotten a reply from them.

PLEASE, don't be fooled by this company. Frankly I don't think that there are any honest work at home companies online. They all have the same line...promises...promises...promises.

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  • Mo
      May 30, 2009

    Yes, I had a hell of a time getting this idiot off my phone and to stop calling after asking me about an investment and how much my family owed and this could change our lives. I don't think that there is a reputable online work at home company out there. They are all scams. If the work that their pushing was legit and they were making what they say people are making than wouldn't you want to keep that to your self and continue to enjoy your gravy train of money. Humm! seems that way to me in this greed filled society that we live in today. All they are doing is selling someone a dream and a hope and nothing seems to come from their lies. There should be laws to prevent creeps like this from exsisting.

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  •   Mar 09, 2010

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  • Pr
      Feb 08, 2011

    hi guys am praveen dnt trust all oline jobs pa...just call me i help u pa ellamey froud pa +[protected] ithan en num pa...dnt worry i ill help u pa..nanum romba aemandhten pa aparam na kathukiten da call me dnt mis it

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  • Do
      Mar 17, 2011

    Thank you .so much for this information..

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  • Pa
      Jun 10, 2012


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