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Legion Global / These people are crooks!!!

21765 S.CENTER AVE.,60451New Lenox, IL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 708-669-1237

This company has been giving me the run around every since they sent my gocart and I found the rear hub stripped out. I paid over a thousand dollars for this thing and cannot let my kids ride it yet. This order was shipped back in Oct. Of '07 and it is now almost march of , 08 and they only tell me the new part will be sent when they get it. I've been told every excuse you can imagine and the part still hasn't came and don't believe it ever will. These people should be investigated and I plan to send a complaint to the Il. State attorney generals office in the next few days. Look this company up on the better business bureau and you will find that they have had over one hundred and thirty some complaints in the last three years. Consider yourself warned, I would not ever by from these crooks again. Hope the owners get brain cancer tomorrow!!


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  27th of Apr, 2008
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Our situation has been going on since last November, unresolved to this point.

I am not surprised by the number of complaints -- all similar regarding this company.

Could it be time to notify the Illinois State Attorney's office or begin the process of a class action law suit?
  23rd of May, 2008
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On July 3, 2007, I saw an ad online from Legion Global for an LG Ambassador hot tub. I called the 800 # and spoke to a salesman named Jay. Delivery was promised within ten business days of the transaction. Ten days came and went and no hot tub. I then tried to call Jay and he said the hot tub had been back ordered and it would be on the next shipment, which was the following week. Again, the next week came and went, and no hot tub. After daily phone calls, which were either unanswered or never returened to Jay he then told me an excuse that the hot tub hadn’t cleared through customs and it was going to be delayed even longer. I was NEVER contacted telling me that it was on backorder. I then asked for a full refund only to be denied claiming that he wasn’t able to do that and convinced me that I would have it no later then mid August. Again after weeks of waiting, I FINALLY received delivery confirmation. After weeks and months of waiting I FINALLY received delivery only to find that there was no hot tub on the truck, just the cover, which was damaged, and a set of steps. I called Jay once again, after more agonizing phone calls, I was promised delivery the next day.. The next day came and went and AGAIN no hot tub. FINALLY, the following week, the hot tub was delivered THREE months after the order was promised and was severely damaged. The hot tub cover was ripped, PVC pipes were broken and numerous panels were cracked, broken or chipped. I called and emailed Jay after delivery with picture he said he would take care of it..Again, I waited a few weeks never heard back and then found out that Jay wasn't with the company anymore.. I was then referred to Lauren and then Josh. I told them the same scenario and they said they would take care of it was well. Now, Lauren and Josh are no longer with the company and have been dealing with Allie and Matt. Both now are telling me that nothing can be done. Nothing has been done to this point, after close to 8 months. This "company" total joke!! Its inconceivable how they are STILL in business!!! I too am submitting a claim to the Illinois Attorney General Office, hopefully action will be taken again this sorry, pathetic "company"!
  5th of Aug, 2008
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i had the same thing happen to me with a scooter it was running hot and i was told that it runs that way it seem they just want to take your money i had to wait almost a month to get this scooter, iv been telling every that i know not to buy from these people. buy from a dealer, at lease you can go to talk to someone if there is a problem .
  15th of Jan, 2009
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I tried to surprise my daughter with a 150CC go Kart for christmas last year, Legion Global sent me part of the transmission cracked. I bought the service quarantee for 2 years at an extra fee. Matt the person from the parts department has been trying to work on this issue with us since last year they have sent me a schematic to identify the part that was damaged after identifying the part I have had charges to my credit card for parts that are not the broken piece. Not only that the warranty hasn't covered anything. I have tried to e-mail since now you can speak to a representative they keep on giving me the run around. I am stuck with a vehicle in the garage that does not drive. Everytime I call they tell me to e-mail them that some one will get back to me. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM THEY ARE CROOKS.
  4th of Feb, 2010
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Legion Global - Awful experience
Legion Global
United States

LG Ambassador Hot Tub. $3900 This tub arrived damaged. One by one every part deteriorated and stopped working. The cover for the lights all came off and the led bulbs all fell out. The jet covers have fallen off and have no paint remaining on them. The pumps have all quit working. There is a short somewhere and the unit will not shut off. The cover's stitching came off within 2 weeks. This tub is less than 8 months old!!! The seller and distributor will not take any responsibility. They tell me o2 Divine Spas manages the warranty, and this company no longer exists.
  4th of Aug, 2016
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Legion Global - Rip off, very poor customer service
United States

I also am very embarrassed to say that I was taken by Legion Global. I purchased 2 atvs from the location in New Lenox in person and have found that by time I make all of the repairs I could have bought 2 Polaris atvs. The 125cc isn't a 125 its a 110cc and is shaking itself apart, I have to tighten bolts all of time. I took it back to the store to have it repaired under warranty and got it back in worst shape. The chain was adjusted and all of the bolts for the rear axle were left loose. I left a list of 5 things to repair and only one was repaired even though they called me and told me it was ready to be picked up. I definitely advise not to purchase anything from Legion Global!!! It is impossible to get a straight answer from anybody at this company. THESE ATVS AER VERY DANGEROUS THEY FALL APART WHILE YOU ARE RIDING THEM.
  4th of Aug, 2016
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You can also file complaints on /link removed/ to make sure more people get the message about this company, and to prevent them from being scammed too.
  4th of Aug, 2016
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Legion Global - Do not honor warranties
Legion Global
21765 S Center Ave
New Lenox
United States
Phone: 708-669-1237

Totally ripped off by this company. I ordered a $3900 hot tub (LG Ambassador)that fell apart within 5 months time and is now totally inoperable. This is not a "LG" product but is made in China, I believe. They do not honor the warranty as they tell me another company (02 divine spas) handles the warranty. This company does not return calls, emails and now they do not have an active phone. Who should be held accountable for the "junk" they are selling?
  4th of Aug, 2016
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I am a Master Spa Technician.

I am NOT connected with this manufacturer, but am very highly trained, and am a factory authorized technician for more than 50 brands.

I can help you fix it. Please email me your phone number and I will call you asap.



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