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Benoni, South Africa

My name is Schelton
I have received a email of harassment from a Bareng from the Benoni branch in south Africa. His so called members have owed me 45k for a year now for work I did on there house. I get accused of harassment but now when contacting this guy I get no reply.
Even that I accepted from his members the amount to be paid in full, 1k a month. When I asked for this in writing I now get ignored but I get accused of harassment. I even said that I would accept a settlement of 35k but still get ignored.

I find this company to be very unprofessional and was going to become a member to sort this matter out but I will never ever become a member of there. Please see attached pics of work I did for these people and did a lot more for them as well for free.
But when asking for what is rightfully mine I get accused of harassment. What a joke. I thought the law was suppose to protect what is right and not wrong. But these guys as long as they get there little 70 rand a month they will do anything without even looking at the evidence. To many people doing this in this country and know they can get away with it because either you sign a contract with these people or lawyers fees cost you the same amount nearly as what is owed. And small claims court only takes upto 15k ridiculous really. Accused of harassment but not get ignored. What a joke.


Jun 4, 2015

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