Legal Seafoods / Horrible, awful, terrible

Horrible, awful, terrible, and we didn't even get our food! The wait staff was having "issues" and couldn't seem to figure out how to do their jobs. They were under trained, inexeperienced, and lacking in common sense. We had a bad feeling about the restaurant when we heard another customer complaining and we had a much longer wait to be seated than anticipated, even though there were many empty tables. When we were finally seated and managed to get the waiter to take our order, he came back after 15 minutes to tell us that my selection was unavailable. Instead of waiting for me to make another selection, the waiter wandered off for another 10 minutes. I finally re-ordered, and once again, after a long wait, was told my selection was unavailable. That was when we had enough and we got up and left. It was a horrible experience!

This restaurant is in Sawgrass Mills Mall and probably stays afloat with the tourists that visit there- I doubt any locals would frequent that place more than once. We sure won't. Avoid it if you are down our way!


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