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Legal Mediation Practice / Idiots

1 United States

I had these people call me on Monday 6/23. A lady named Brenda is who I spoke to. She told me she was a lawyer (lie #1) and then asked me for my SSN and address. I refused to give her either one. I know better! Then she told me that I had written a bad check, would NOT tell me what company I had written the check to, and told me I needed to get a lawyer. She said I had until 5pm that night to pay her over 600 bucks! It pissed her off that I knew my rights and more about the law than she expected because she hung up on me. I wasn't worried about it at all. Then, the next day, she called me again. This time at work and told me that she had good news for me. She asked me if the reason I had not paid the money was if I didn't have it, and I told her it was because I didn’t owe it! (I know for a fact that I don't) she asked if I had spoken to a lawyer (I lied and said I did because my boyfriend is in his 3rd year of law school and I talked to him) she then got more irate and when I asked for her physical address and fax number because I was going to send her a cease and desist letter...she told me that I better have a good lawyer because I was in serious trouble, then hung up on me AGAIN. It’s the 26th now and I have not heard anything since. I got the address and fax number online and sent one to both the physical address and fax line. If I hear from them, they are breaking the law.


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